Supernatural S5 commentary

I'm having serious issues with S5 right now.

I mean, I get it. It's essientally the whole free will versus paradise argument that's been the stuff of religious arguements for years. But they laid the whole comparason of Michael and Lucifer to Dean and Sam on a bit thick, didn't they? I liked it better on the begining, when it was only the suggestion. And then the whole half-brother Adam thing, which is almost as random as the return of the Lisa storyline, and Brady's Sam connection.

Don't get me wrong. I loved a lot of this. Every episode where Cas makes an appearance warmed the cockles of my heart - "Free To Be You and Me," with Cas in the the brothel? "The End," with the 2014 zombie future and Cas as a hippie holding orgies and taking pills? "My Bloody Valentine"? "99 Problems"? - and there were a couple really great ones without him, or with Cas only in a minor role - "Changing Channels" and "Swap Meat" for instance.

But. But the wonderful tide of oh my fraking god, I must watch more is starting to turn with this season. I mean, I still want to know what happens, but... but there were points where I was seriously only waiting for Cas to show up, because that would have made things better. Because the whole epic brother showdown thing is starting to grate, especially as Sam's gone back to being kinda boring and scizo. And let me tell you, I've real problems with scizo. Especially the compltely out of nowhere episode "Point of No Return," which I think only exists for the alley fight scene and because the writers decided Hey, let's write an episode where Dean decides to say Yes to Michael just for kicks. AND WHY THE HELL DID THEY KILL OFF GABRIEL? I liked Gabe. It was pointless and did nothing but serve to leave Sam and Dean alone in their fight, in the classic kill-the-mentor tradition.

Honesly, IDK what to really do or say. I mean, the Cas/Dean thing and Castiel's dually tragic and hillarious fall from faith are about my favourite parts of the season. I mean, Crowley was interesting, and some of the theological discussions were to die for, but... But it wasn't as magical as S4 was for me. It's kinda sad, really. I mean... I'm starting to delve into the fanfic now that I'm far enough in and I've seen some wonderful takes on these seasons - Dean as the next God, Dean as the litteral fallen archangel Michael - but this was somehow disapointing. I mean, it was like the power of love, aka BtVS' s6e22, "Grave," but without the same emotional pull.

Don't get me wrong, I feel for Lucifer. I really do - though really only during his speech to Michael at the end of "Swan Song," which is one of the more eloquent arguements for the existence of evil I've heard in a while. And believe me, I've read a lot. Religious critiques, commentaries, and apologies are something of a fasination for me, and it is my hope to one day write one. But.

But I think it's the "God" in this season that gets to me. Where he's not abstract so much as an actual character. Where they go to Heaven, even if it made for a good episode. Where God reserects Cas twice and saves Sam and Dean's lives. IDK. It's enough to keep me from really enjoying this season, I think, even if it is more suble than it could be.

The Lisa thing really annoys me though. So very out of the blue. I mean, WTF people. Am I the only one who wants love interests to MAKE SENSE? Why her? Why not the annoying ex from S1? Why not anyone else but a woman he had one night with 10 years ago? I mean, seriously? Why not have the love of his life in an episode or two more as something other than the generic love interest? I mean, to some degree women are held on an extraordinary odd pedistal in SPN. The pretty ones become demons and the ones that die are held up as something perfect. ::shakes head::

::hangs head::

I'm off to unruffle my feathers with fanfic now.