A Couple Pics

So, I've been AWOL for a couple of days, doing Navy stuff, visiting parents, and seeing this really good concert - and doing a combined 459 miles of driving.

I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that the five mile hike we did today in the snow - at slightly above freezing - was worth it when we got to the lookout tower at the top of Flat Top Mountain. We could see into 3 states from there - even if with the wind chill it was c. 30 F.

One of the veiws above, and me freezing and trying not to be blown off the tower below.

In other news, the concert was very good. The Royal Concept is a band I'm going to have to watch, and Atlas Genius and Wolf Gang were as great as I'd expected - even if driving downtown and trying to find a parking spot - and then find my parking spot afterwards - was a harrowing experience I could have done without at 11pm at night. Then again, I could've done without the 100 mile drive at that time of night too, but oh well. It was worth it.

And on that note, I'm almost done with "Coniurati" - and S2 of the AJ! 'verse. I just need to figure out how to word things. Hopefully I'll have it for you soon, if I'm not overly distracted by SPN.

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oh, i was freezing, but yeah. my parents' place got 18 inches of snow the weekend before last. the college closed for the first time in 30 years because of it. most of it had melted by the time i got there, but there were still 3-6 inches in the shadows.

It was absolutely gorgeous though, and when I have time I'm going to have to post the rest of the pics.
Oh yes. They live in the mounts and it snows at least once a month during the winter there. It's sweater weather from like sept to may there but absolutely gorgeous.
I'm in a valley and NOttingham is protected from most of the snow but if it comes in directly from the north east then we get it bad. We are pretty fortunate when it comes to snow but we get really damp freezing fog instead
Wow. My parents live in the Appalachians and they can get some bad snow sometimes. Not often, but enough. Usually it's just rain and cold
Wow. There's one from our backyard a couple of years ago that I should show you, if I can find it. Snow was a foot deep and our cats were "investigating" it. It was adorable.
That was one of the first digital photos I took too we have had some really colder mornings than that since
the sun's just starting to set here. It's chilly, more winter than fall, and the leaves are slightly more on the ground than in the trees. Last week it was pretty, picturesque fall. Now it's the ugly, dead and dying kind that gives way to months and months of bare twings and yellow grass until spring finally decides to grace us with it's presence. NC, with few exceptions, is a very ugly state yearround, but especially in winter. There's nothing redeeming about it, just cold and the occasional bitter rain and some harsh winds, but hardly ever any snow. Just dead and dying things.