Supernatural S4 commentary

Oh my fraking god, I just finished S4 of supernatural.

And holy fraking hell, it was good. Amazing. Stupendous. It only took so fraking long because of this stupid trip to my parents'. And I swear, if I had any more battery life left and didn't have to be up at o'dark thirty tomorrow, I'd start in on S5 right now. 

To start with: Castiel. God, IDK what it is about him, but he complete the show in a way I didn't know it needed until now. Honestly, "Lazarus Rising" was to die for, and every episode without him in it made me just a tiny bit sad inside. His character development was just... God. (I watched "On the Head of a Pin" last night and rewatched it this morning, it was so good and heartbreaking and just... Like I said, Cas' development is just to die for). And, even if I hadn't wanted it so badly, I think I'd have had a hard time denying the Dean/Cas, or, at the very least, Cas' kinda monumental crush, or whatever you all it when an angel takes such an active interest in your life.

Moving on: Dean dealing with the after effects of hell and what he was forced to do there were heartbreaking as well, and, honestly, was an amazing character arc for an already amazing character. And Sam's descent into anti-christdom was a much needed boost for his character and added a lovely symmetry to his brother's "chosen by heaven" status - though I must add, improvement as it may be, it made me far less sympathetic to his character than before, possibly even moving into the realm of active dislike. And Ruby - the first one was just a killer, cutthroat bitch. This one just gave me the whole drug dealer vibe even before I found out that's what she was actually doing, and I think there was major rewrite of her character over the break between seasons. 

What else? There were a lot of amazing episodes - "On the Head of a Pin" might be my favourite in the series so far, while "Lucifer Rising" was definitely the strongest finale yet. "Wishful Thinking" and "The Monster at the End of this Book" had me on the floor laughing, as did so many others. And Mitch Pileggi as their grandfather - infinite squee right there.

Mostly, though, S4 is to die for, and I'm glad I stuck around long enough to get this far. Seriously, the litteral first moment I can- which, sadly, probably won't be until Sunday - I'm going to gorge on S5. And then, when I finally get caught up, I'm going to read so much Dean/Cas fan fiction it's not going to be funny.

\ O /

All of this is making me want to read some more DeanCas fanfiction. I haven't read all that much, however, but I can direct you to my friend who is a HUGE Dean/Castiel fan and has read so much fic.

(But I want to point out that the fic that single handedly got me into the Supernatural fandom has spoilers for season four and that's it, so technically you could read it now...)
:) I'd love any fic recs you can give me bb. (Though right now I'm having serious autocorrect issues and can't continue on how much squee I have right now.)
Wow, you really went through the first four seasons in a flash! O_O Reading your commentary makes me hanker for a rewatch... (I seriously need more time for everything!) I totally agree with you that Castiel really brought something essential to the series. They could have gone ahead with just Sam and Dean, but I don't think they'd have made it to season eight that way. Castiel's character developement along with Dean's and Sam's really made the show deeper, and more interesting. And Misha Collins made Castiel just so perfect, mixing childlike innocence and steaming hotness into one amazing angel :)

And if you're not as picky as me about the level of angst in a fic, there's an infinite seeming selection of Dean/Cas out there, just waiting for you :) Just remember you still need to eat and sleep too :D If you permit a few recs of my favourites? I seem to go for alternate universe stories, mainly because they tend to have happier endings :)

These are all AU and explicit, and on the longer side :) (edit: forgot to mention, I have no idea if these contain spoilers regarding to seasons you havent's seen, so be warned!)

Actus Fidei, priest!Dean, ~5600 words
The Good Samaritan Rule, everyone is an angel, wing!kink, ~6100 words
Magpies, demon!Dean, a ten part series of whopping 29K words!

And since I love things sweet and mushy, I can't help but rec the SPN fanart of Artmetica

Don't know if these are to you liking, but have fun watching the next season, and then overdosing on Dean/Cas ^_^

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Thank you so much bb! (Though I've got to point out I'd already be done with S5 now if I hadn't had to visit my parents.) I'm looking forward to the fic like nobody's business and can't wait to get caught up!