Supernatural S3 commentary

And here we are again. As S3 was only 16 episodes, it took less than the usual 2 days to watch them all.

I kinda have some mixed feelings about this one though. Where the episodes were good, they were really, really good and, where they weren't, they weren't bad so much as not interesting. 

But whatever. I was mostly happy with this one, despite the fact that it saw the end of a lot of story lines I like and the intro of a lot I didn't. "Fresh Blood," "A Very Supernatural Christmas," and "Jus in Bello" marked my favorite episodes by far, though "Ghostfacers" was absolutely hilarious, as was "Mystery Spot." I'm going to miss Gordon and Henriksen though. As for the others... well, "The Kids Are Alright" is the only one that really bothered me. (And, being the geek I am, I caught the Castiel reference in "Red Sky at Morning" and paused it right then to wikipedia it to see if I was right. And I was.)

Also? This whole Sam as the Antichrist thing? I'm really liking that. It makes him a far more interesting character. And the whole try to save Dean thing was a great story arc, better in many ways than the whole "stop the monster" arc that dominated before, mostly because it's not just something they can shoot. Ruby bugged the frak out of me, in part because of how she was written and in part because she really, really looks like my freshman roommate, with whom I did not get along at all. Ditto on the first part for Bella, though she was annoying in a good way until they killed her off like that. I also find it interesting they chose to make Lilith into a young girl rather than a seductress, like she's more than occasionally portrayed, but you got to admit it's creepier. 

Other thoughts include general squee for the intro to Castiel I'm told I'll be getting next season, as well as continued bafflement at the Sam/Dean shippers, mostly because I find it hard to see their interactions as anything other than fraternal.

So now I'm off to try to write some before starting up on S4.