Supernatural S2 commentary

What we have here is another instance of me watching a whole season of a new TV show in less than 48 hours.

I should probably be spacing these out more, to enjoy the squee over a long period of time and avoid the inevitable depression that follows the running-out-of-new-episodes to watch for as long as possible. But I've got to go up to the Mountain House on Thurs, so after that morning I'll probably be AWOL until Sunday morning earliest, and I really, really, really want to get to S4 before then. Because I've already made Dean/Castiel my OTP without having seen a single episode with the latter in it.


All that being said, S2 was just as good as the first, if not better. There were more story arcs and plots than monster-of-the-week, which is always great, and a couple episodes - cough"Hollywood Babylon"cough - that show the series is comfortable enough to make fun of itself. Plus a whole host of in jokes and geek references to squee over.

My favourite was "Nightshifter," because, as I said, I'm a huge fan of story arcs and plot - and the casual way they kept on saying they're fucked? That was great. "Houses of the Holy" also provided for a lovely fore-knowledge based squee - with a real, live squee soundtrack - and "Bloodlust" had one of the best The Grand Inquisitor arguements - aka, could you kill baby Hitler? - I've seen in television in a while.

There were a tonne of - intentionally cast - actors from other SyFy shows this season, but my favourite was honestly Garwin Sanford (Deacon in "Folsom Prison Blues"), if only because he wasn't so incipidly nice as his characters in SG1 and SGA. Odd, I know. B(Though I would give a lot to see a SPN/SGA xover where Rodney has to deal with Ash from the Roadhouse coming to Atlantis.)eyond that, though, I really love the music they use - a lot of old school rock, rather than the more mainstream stuff - that has to be a little out of step with their main audience but fits the content and the characters a lot better, I think.

I suppose I could go into an episode-by-episode analysis, but mostly I just love how, rather than make stuff up, they do do some research for this show. Djinn and the Roanoke Colony and serial killer's ghosts - it might not be completely true to RL, but it gives the sensation thereof. The recurring characters are a blast, and the way that Sam keeps getting kidnapped - and Dean keeps dying, or nearly so - all the time just make me smile, IDK why. And, yes, there are still the cliches, but they're usually expertly handled, with the exception of "In My Time of Dying," which I saw the exchange coming from a mile away.

Also, still not seeing the Dean/Sam that people claim to see. I see co-dependance in the extreme, but not actual attraction or lust, and would go so far as to say that the people who do have never undergone stressful situations with their sibling(s). I mean, some of the stuff that my brother and I had to deal with were terrible but I've never- have aboslutely no-

God, I can't even finish that sentence, it's so awful. Needless to say, I just don't see it.

Though Sam has become more interesting this season. Not much - Dean's still by far my favourite - but enough that I don't flinch at Sam-centric episodes.

So, I've dallied writing this long enough. I've got to get back to the tredmill - and S3 of SPN.

I'm glad you're continuing to enjoy :) There are several Stargate actors that I look forward to you spotting XD I adore the music they use, it's the stuff I was raised on. I find it hilarious when people are like, "I've discovered AC/DC because of SPN!" I do love the nods toward real life, just as you said. It makes for interesting episodes.
I nearly knocked my table over when Hammond showed up with squee.

AC/DC will always be my Tony Stark music, but I've been listening to it for a whole lot longer than that. :D