Supernatural S1 commentary

This is the point where I acknolwedge I have issues. Many and varied issues. The most recent being that I started watching Supernatural at 9am yesterday and just finished the first season a few seconds ago. 

First things first: I did not set out to like SPN. I started it as a lark, mostly because I was bored to death on the tredmill (3+ hours a day can do that to you). Mom and Dad tried it a few months back, but Mom said that she couldn't get into it, and that it was too gory for her her tastes - this from a woman who devoutly watched BtVS for years. But popkin16 said I might like it, so I tried it anyway.

So, as you can see, I went into things with very low expectations. But as I watched 22 episodes in something less than 36 hours, I think you can tell I changed my mind. 

Now, I'm not in love with the series. I sincerely like it, but in an X-Files kind of way. It's a little too monster of the week  and and not quite enough plot for my tastes, even if it has more than most shows. I'm kinda hoping this will change as time gets on, and hold out great hope for the squee possibilities of Dean/Castiel that I've heard so much about. (And, yes, I like Dean about 100x more than I like Sam, and, no, I see absolutely no evidence of the vaunted Sam/Dean thing that I've also heard so much about. They're brothersand colleagues   and spend every waking moment almost with each other. They're codependent, not in love.)

I do, however, sincerely like it. There is much about it I love. Besides the cinematography and the very interesting, very high tech way the monsters are treated, I love how we go into this with little info but the boys already know a lot about what they're doing. It's not the copycat hero's journey archtype we're dealing with here. It's.... Well, I'm not sure what exactly you might call it, but it's definately more interesting learning in context than having everything handed to us on a platter, like in most TV shows these days. I also love how they're not perfect golden boys. They make mistakes. They're haunted. They lie to the police and run scams for money.

And the episodes themselves. For the most part, they're not horribly cliche, and, where they are, they're forgivably so. I think my only honest complaint is that i have to wait for s4, at least, to read any of the fics, and that the fandom in general appears so hostile. I also could reiterate my general apathy for Sam, who I find a less intriguing character than Dean, and who I really can't see as having been as in love with Jess as he's supposed to have been.

Other thoughts: favourite episode(s) so far are  "The Benders," which reminds me delightfully of The X-Files' "Home" - an episode Mom refused to let me watch on principle of scariness until I was like 15, though I never found it as terrifying as she made it out to be; and "Hell House," for the general hilarity of it. I also have strong feels for "Something Wicked." Also, I loved the S1 ending bit, with the truck hitting the car, and my only complaint is that they should have left it at that rather than flash back after the commercial break to them all bloody in the car. 

And now I'm off to write, like I was to distracted to do yesterday. I WANT to finish S2 of the AJ 'verse soon, and am almost there, and would like to do it before I go incommunicado Thurs-Sat for Navy stuff/Mountain House visiting/concert going. 

It does get more of an overarching plot as time goes on. I'm glad you're enjoying! The boys definitely make a lot of mistakes as they go on.
I was quite into this series for a while, and yes, because of Dean/Cas :) Nowadays I don't have much time for it, with SGA and NCIS being my main attractions. Plus I like happy endings so much, that the overall gloominess of the SPN stories didn't appeal to me. But there are really great stories out there, if you manage to hold out till season four, and meet Castiel.
I'm holding out, for popkin's sake. Plus, I kinda am insanely attracted to Dean, which never happens to me when I watch these shows. But, hey, you take what you can get, and I love the dark and not-happy endings, so it's right up my alley anyway. My only regret is that I have to wait until S4 to even start looking into the fandom. Sigh. Thanks for the support!
Oh yes, there is something about Dean *sigh*

And SPN also has many episodes that I enjoyed purely for the action, or suspence, or goofiness :) Have fun!