I am now live on tumblr - though for the life of me I don't know why. Feel free to follow me down the rabbit hole here, if you're so inclined, and to rec blogs worth following.
I have a bunch of blogs to rec you XD I can link you to a bunch of Stargate ones, at least, though I'm sure there are others you'd like to follow.

Dr Rodney McKay, phD - a sort of RP tumblr for Rodney. I think they do pretty well. They don't post often.
Col John Sheppard - the accompanying RP tumblr for John. I think whoever runs this does a pretty good job too :)
Feelsgate - General Stargate blog
Frakking Stargate - All things Stargate
Pegasus Planets - a tumblr dedicated to pictures of amazing nature of "Pegasus" planets ;)
You Know You're A Stargate Fan When
Text From Dog - a non-Stargate blog XD In which a man receives texts from his dog - it's pretty funny.
Stargate3-fan - general Stargate blog.
Shit My Students Write - hilarious things students write :)
Art Thingie - The art blog of Weepingrockrock - she does Due South fanart as well as McShep :D
Fuck Yeah Stargate Cast - a tumblr dedicated to the actors of the entire Stargate 'verse.
Heck Yeah David Hewlett
Heck Yeah Joe Flanigan
Fuck Yeah Fanfic Flamingo - I relate SO MUCH to some of the things they post.
Beckersher My friend Meagan writes a lot of drabbles in the Owl!Verse, where Rodney is turned into an owl. I reblog a lot of them to Owl Rodney, but some of her drabbles don't fit the Owl!Rodney tumblr because they focus on John and the owlets, or Lorne and an owl, etc. She also reblogs a lot of other fandoms though, so it really depends on you.
Stargate Complex - general Stargate blog.
Fuck Yeah Stargate
Silly Faces of John Sheppard
Funny Faces McKay Makes
Stargate Forever

I feel ridiculous about this, but I run the McShep Everyday tumblr. There are two other McShep tumblrs, but they haven't posted in like...a year. Also, I'm Popkin16 over there too.

Some of the blogs I linked to are personal blogs that happen to post a lot of Stargate, and some of them are more like an LJ community with a focus on Stargate. I'd suggestion other blogs, but I don't know what you find funny or if you'd like my friends, so...*shrug*

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