The polls opened today in North Carolina. At last. Finally. In many ways, its feels like the last two years have been nothing but one long presidential race, enough to make me want to hide my head in the sand until it's all over. Especially since my state is apparently a swing state for the first time since the Civil War, or something, and I receive no less than 4 phone calls and 10 emails about the election daily.

So I voted. 

 Don't get me wrong. I love the democratic process. I love this country. In a few months I'm going to swear to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. There is no other country I'd rather belong to. But I'd rather the election for the highest office in the land be about the issues rather than a whole bunch of people trying to sell me on something. My act of voting today, as much as it was the exercise of the freedom and responsibility all American citizens have, was also an act of desperation, in the hopes that the PTB will notice I've voted and stop bothering me.

I very rarely agree with any of the political views Orson Scott Card espouses (and despise this book in particular), but in Empire he says that all the common man wants nothing more than to be left alone. And that's all I want. I'm tired of everyone's political views being shoved down my throat, whether I agree with them or not. 

That all being said, there was, for the first time since I turned 18, a line at the polling station. There has never been a line in previous years. I have never, once, not been in and out of the polls in anything more than 5 minutes, simply because there has never, once, been anyone there before - though I do tend to vote about a week or so before Election Day on average. But still. A line. I'm actually quite proud of that line and all the other people who came out to vote today, even if I was the only one under 30 (or, quite possibly, even 40) in said line. 

Just, thank goodness it's almost over. Nearly. Almost.

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Man, I went to go vote this morning, but there was a 2-hour line, and I didn't have 2 hours, so I have to go back tomorrow or next week.
Well, four years ago, I waited for several hours to vote for president. My mom always tells the story that her first time voting was standing in line for many hours to vote for Jimmy Carter. I'm planning on being there when the polls open tomorrow.
Yeah, and possibly a hobby. Last time I did some crocheting. In other exciting news, did you see that a federal appeals court ruled that the stupid Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional? I grinned with glee.
no. i tend to avoid news websites, but that news fills me with glee. It shouldn't, because it was obvious from the get go and obvious that it would be struck down, but still. Common Sense 1, Bigotry 0
Oh, I do, too, but I got the email from the ACLU, which had worked on behalf of this woman whose wife of 44 years died and left her stuff in the will and the state charged her taxes on it where they wouldn't have if it had been her husband who died. Of course, it'll probably get taken to the Supreme Court, and good luck figuring out what'll happen there. Still, so far, Common Sense trumps Bigotry, as you so aptly point out. :)
I want this whole thing to be over too. I have Voter Fatigue. I'm tired of being upset and angry. I'm tired of having nasty messages thrown in my face every time I turn around. I'm tired of being afraid that we as a nation are more arrogant and stupid than I ever feared.

ugh, indeed.
we are a stupid and arrogant nation, but aren't all empires in their heydays?

what really gets me though is I was reading some article in Business the other day claiming that it was "unfare" to label NC as the 47th worst state educationally because it failed to take into account the UNC school system, which is admittedly impressive. I'm sorry to say however that our public school system still sucks, and no amount of number crunching can hide that fact. There is, after all, I reason I went to boarding school, and it was not because I was ill behaved.