Sherlock S2 commentary

So I finally got around to watching S2 of Sherlock today.

Why the delay you ask? Well part of it is just being able to watch it. Having been without access to cable/satellite/etc since January, I had to wait until S2 became available online. And although they were available, briefly, from PBS for free, I was unable to get past my initial gut reaction to "A Scandal in Bohemia" to even finish the episode while they were posted on that website. Last month they went up on Netflix, but such was my lack of desire to continue that I didn't get around to doing so until I'd exhausted all other options - including watching dS via YouTube. 

And let me say this bluntly: I hated "A Scandal in Bohemia." I hated it, ruthlessly and violently, though I must admit the parts without Irene Adler are quite good. I particularly enjoy the first 11 minutes, before they make it to her house. That's just spot on. But everything else... Sherlock's whole obsession with her is so out of character that it grate. When mentioning this to my mother, who has no idea fandom and/or ships exist beyond the mere fact of my involvement there in, said, "Yeah, I thought it was bad too. I mean, I thought his character was supposed to be gay." This from my mother, who while the most open-minded person you'd ever meet, rarely sees the subtext in these kinds of shows.

But the other two episodes were quite amazing, at least, and I'm quite pleased to report that I guessed less than half of the respective story lines, which always makes for an enjoyable watching experience. And I must say Moriarty's suicide at the end was completely unexpected - and I love how the end of "The Rhinebach Fall," with John's ringing ears and disorientation, harkens back to the very first scene of "A Study In Pink," in his dream. 

Though, full cards on the table, if I wasn't so anxious to find new fic to read, I'd probably have abandoned the series a dozen times over during "A Scandal in Bohemia."

Though I also must admit that, in trawling the web for dS fic, I've come across some delightfully bad 12 year old websites with some pretty good fic on them - though I'm also starting to understand was fanlore was talking about by The Ray Wars. I mean, I didn't particularly care for Vecchio either in the episodes I've seen him in, but some of these people can be brutal. And now that I've gotten successfully offtrack, I'm off to read some more.

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