Wilby Wonderful

So. Wilby Wonderful I'm not sure this is a movie you can say much about - mostly because it, like The Virgin Suicides and Girl with a Pearl Earring, both of which this reminds me of to some degree - is such a subtle, understated film that the wonder isn't in what's said so much as the feeling, most of which is done without dialogue. 

As you might expect, it is a wonderful movie. The actors are all wonderful in their roles, with a particular shout out going to Ellen Page for her portrayal of Emily. I also loved CKR's Duck MacDonald, who was about as far from a stereotypical gay character (or workman, jack-of-all-trades character) as possible, and played the role with such subtly. It was a hit to see him again with Paul Gross, even if they only had one scene together - in a cop car, which gave me so many flashbacks to due South you've got to wonder how much of it was intentional and how much was just in my head. 

Mostly, though, it was a very good, if curious movie. I know it's probably not supposed to be, but it's Hilarious to me that Jarvis keeps trying to kill himself throughout the movie, finally changes his mind, and then almost succeeds anyway - and then Carol hiding the body... and so much of that scene, as well as others, filmed without actually showing what's being done, sort of like that fight scene in the To Kill a Mockingbird movie...

Anyway, I loved it, and my only complaints are of a dS, fannish nature which have nothing to do with the movie itself so much asmy obsession   thereof. And now while I wait for the people who are supposed to be buying the last of my furniture to arrive, I will comb the internet for related fic.

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I found one long fic that focused on Duck/Dan and the evolving friendship of CKR and Paul Gross's character :D
hmmm. if you can, send me a link to that, plse & thank you. I kinda have to admit that I don't really feel the Duck/Dan at all, but I'm up for reading anything with CKR and Paul Gross' characters. :D
Haha, yeah - I wanted to read CKR's character with Paul Gross', but there's not a lot of that and most of it is takes place in the past.

Anyway, here's the link.