Slings & Arrows S2 commentary

To be perfectly honest, I actually finished S2 midday yesterday.  I just sort of had to take a while to think up what I actually wanted to say about it. 

Now don't get me wrong - it's amazing. Perhaps not in that frantic, out of control spiral S1 was - which mimics Hamlet so very well - but in that long, slow decay into madness that Macbeth represents. Which makes sense, given the plays preformed therein in S2, and given my personal preference for the former. Thought here is a RSC version of the latter with Patrick Stewart available on Netflix I've been meaning to watch, and may just after I finish S3. 

There's a tragic beauty to S2. It's very RL, which is what I think gives it so much power. It's not trying to be grandiose - it leaves that to Shakespeare. It's just trying to tell the story of more or less real people who may or may not have firm grasp on reality, being actors. As the main characters are so fond of saying (and I paraphrase here): after living such fantastic lives, real life is no longer enough

There's not one thing that particularly stands out as making this season great - though I'm rather fond of Geoffery and Richard's exchange - "Which would you prefer: an empty house with a great play, or a full house with a piece of garbage?" "GARBAGE! GARBAGE! I want GARBAGE!" - which is a wonderful critique of most modern cinema (coughBonescough), as well as the whole scene between Darren and Geoffery in "Birnham Wood," which is just such a beautiful piece of counter-psychology that it's just BRILLIANT. Though I must give props to the scene where Geoffrey and Oliver are arguing about each trying to turn the play into their own personal tale, be it decent-into-madness or horror story.

As before, though, my favorite parts remain the scenes with Geoffrey, and not just because of the slight fixation I developed for Paul Gross during due South. No, he's such a complicated, interesting, and generally intriguing character that he actually makes most of the others pale in comparison. They cease to interest me after a while because, well, nothing is quite as interesting as a madman. Which may be commenting on my mental state again.

Though, last thing? Macbet in vaguely Sarajevo-like setting? Brilliant in the extreme, and I'd give a lot to see that production in RL. 

Although I must now add that that, despite the canon of Geoffrey/Ellen now established, I can't find myself caring too much over the state of their relationship except for how it pertains to his sanity. The rest is just sort of incidental. Which is probably terrible, given that the actors are married in RL, but still. That's how it goes

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I would give a lot to be able to see the plays, as shown in Slings & Arrows. They just seem so fascinating and dramatic, and even if I can't understand what they're saying, it'd still be interesting to watch.

I'm glad you're enjoying, though!
i've always found Shakespeare easier to see than to read, though I love reading most other plays. I'm a sucker for O'Neill and Tennesse Williams. Oh, and the absurdists. I love absurdist plays.

But I know what you mean. I'd love to see the New Burbage versions of these plays.