due South S4 commentary

This may be made up largely of fangirlish blithering. 

First, the harsh honesty: The first few episodes this season aren't that great. Until you get to "Odds," its kinda subpar, and even then things don't get as great as last season until "Mountie Sings the Blues." IDK what it is, but something seems just off on the whole Fraser/RayK partnership angle, particularly given the events of "Mountie on the Bounty," but things really do pick up from there.

After that though? I was laughing so hard during "Mountie Sings the Blues" - and not just because of Michael Hogan's mustache. (Or the fact that he, alongside Matthew Bennett - the Fives - makes the third Cylon this season on the show. Which just gives me all kinds of giggles.) Everything just seemed to come together again, and it was magic. Epic, epic magic deserving of ALL THE LOVE and, well, it was beautiful. 

"Good for the Soul" was a brilliant character study, and the whole fight scene being set to a Xmas lullaby? That was just brilliant on all sorts of cinematic and artistic levels.

And "Say Amen"? Normally I'm not a fan of anything vaguely religious in TV shows, but I love the whole allusion that the whole episode made between Eloise and her relationship with Davie and Fraser's relationship with RayK. I mean, it wasn't overt, like these things so often are. I mean, take this convo between Fraser and Francesca:

FRANCESCA:You know she is such a nice kid, I feel really sorry for her.
FRANCESCA:She never goes out, she's never been to school, her parents keep her locked up in that church all the time. What kind of life is that for a kid? I mean, really, what kind of parents would do that?

And then Fraser like twitches and you both get the feeling that Fraser's thought exactly that about his own childhood before, and that the thought has never crossed his mind. It's really amazing, and then add to that everything they say about Davie, being the kind of slightly-troublemaker-ish and his whole head-over-heals thing, and you get this brilliant allusion to Fraser/RayK that is just beyond belief. Particularly the doctor's comment at the end (observing Eloise and Davie kissing, though he's been "told" that they're brother and sister): They seem to have quite an unusual brother and sister relationship, which can double so much for Fraser/RayK that I just want to hug whoever wrote this episode. 

Plus add in Fraser's half-sister in "Hunting Season" and the sheer, unbridled shipiness of "Call of the Wild" - to which some extent even the submarine pushing through the ice can be said to be a metaphor for, and all I can say is WHY IS THIS SHOW NOT MORE POPULAR? WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT IT UNTIL NOW? It deserves ALL THE LOVE in the world, and it seems to get so little, particularly when it is a fangirl's boon of subtext (and not so sub text). I mean, look:

RayK: So what, we still partners?
FRASER: If you'll have me

Plus add in Ray's comment while Fraser's running up the stairs - You're breathing kinda hard - with that smile, plus all the homoerotic positions they get put in the finale, plus all the comparison of Fraser's parents' relationship to Fraser and RayK's.  AND THEN THE RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET.

Now, watching it for the Fraser/RayK isn't the only reason to watch it (though it's my favourite). Even if you only want to see a sibling thing between them (which I find frankly more difficult than seeing the ship; I mean, the OTP practially writes itself), it's still brilliant. Beyond brilliant. From the over-the-top Canadian-ness to the situational stuff and the frankly ABSURD to the deadpan treatment of the ghost of Bob Fraser... it's to die for, really. This is a show I desperately want more of and my actually cry myself to sleep as there's not any (save the Vecchio seasons, but I don't know if I can bear to watch without RayK). But, as they say, there is always the fic. 

But, seriously, this is the kind of thing that comes around once in a lifetime. Watch it, please. You'll never forgive yourself if you don't.
It's a great show, isn't it? And Fraser and RayK have such a fantastic relationship. I think it's not so popular because it's an older show and relatively unknown. It never reached the levels of popularity that Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek did. And the show hardly bothers at all to hide the slash :)

There weren't too many episodes that I didn't like of the show, to be honest.
Of course that whole conversation at the begining of the internal investigation when RayK asks Frasier if looks good/attractive = not hiding the slash. Of course the mature woman shooting the grave; you can't get better writing. lol

Unfortunately have read all the good Frasier/RayK that I could find. Now to wait... wait... and, nah re-read.