The Hike Of Doom

I manage to survive this month's insane hike of doom. Don't get me wrong, I love hiking with dad, but we left at 6:30am and just got back now - at 5:00pm.

Granted, it's about an hour and a half drive each way from here to the state park in question, but still. The first 10 miles weren't even so bad, though there was this insane mountain we had to climb that even dad thought was nasty. But it was beautiful - most of it was over the balds, where the trees don't grow for no reason anyone can understand. And the the grass was tall, like 4 foot or so, and dead, but the sun had bleached the yellow-of-dead-grass to almost white, and there were these hardy sedums or something that were this real dark brown-red, and it was just that and the most gorgeous, cloudless blue sky you've ever seen. Beautiful.

And plus, at the start, when we were up on one of the low balds, we were overlooking this valley in the distance between several real tall mountains, and the clouds were so thick over there that it looked like a honest to god sea, with the tips of the lower mounts poking out like islands. Very grey-blue and misty and beautiful and Avalonian (which lead to me having to explain basic Arthurian legend to dad, to explain Avalon and why it was important and cool).

The last four miles were all down hill, which shouldn't have been bad, but it was very steep and rocky and under intense tree cover, so a billy goat would've had problems going down, to say nothing of what it must be like going up. But it took us 2 hours to do those last 4 miles, and we were sliding and stumbling and I even fell Once towards the very end, but I think I'll be fine after I rest my ankle. I'll have some lovely bruises tomorrow, I think.

But tomorrow I go back to the other house, and I'll finally be free to really write. Cause autocorrect sucks.

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I bet they are. Usually after one of my days out its not so much glutes that hurt me but my feet themselves and I can usually guarantee even though I wear proper walking boots tha I have rubbed blisters on my little toes (OK so I got weird little toes that tuck partially tuck beneath the next one)
My feet hurt the day of, but the day after - and all othe pones so far after that - my glutes decided to rebel