due South S3 commentary

This is the start of a love song. 

First things first: I never would have found this if not for popkin16, nor would I ever have likely tried it if she hadn't kept insisting how wonderful it was. I was hesitant - it's only available in clips on YouTube, which makes watching it somewhat trying - and tried the pilot. And there I was, hooked, like I've rarely been after pilot episodes. I mean everything, from Fraser's over-the-top Canadian-ness to the deaf half-wolf dog Dief, was just to die for. Enough so tha that I could look past the mid-90s hair and clothes and everything because it was amazing.

Second things second: As much as I loved the first episode, I immediately skipped ahead to S3, for the second Ray (Ray Kowalski, who's impersonating the first Ray, Ray Veccio, and who shall hereafter only be referred to as Ray) and all that I'd heard about the chemistry he has with Fraser. And I gotta tell you, if it was possible to fall in love at first sight twice, I would have done so during "Burning Down the House."

Continuing on, it's not just about the Fraser/RayK (which quickly and subsumingly became my OTP for this fandom), though that's a large part of it. It's about everything. I mean, yes, it's over the top, but it's meant to be - no one involved in the series had to have been taking any part of it seriously. It's quirky and funny and just perfect in ways American TV isn't - which is to say, while cliched, the humour is beyond your basic slapstick. The writing is funny, full off all sorts of jokes and references and word play that you just don't get in the US of A. Like when they're on the Henry Allen in "Mountie on the Bounty": they're in the middle of drowning, but Fraser still takes the time to roughly explain one of Godel's theorums and teach Ray to swim in the most bizzare, hillarious way ever. And don't even get me started on the random, almost inexplicable singing earlier in that same episode. Or the entire "Dead Man Running" episode. I mean, this is honestly what the acryoym "rotfl" was invented for.

But the Fraser/RayK. Read it as just a close partnership or an actual relationship, you cannot deny the chemistry between them. It is like... well, I don't know what it's like. You have "Burning Down the House," where Ray greets Fraser with a hug even though Fraser has no idea who he is supposed to be and just rolls with everything Fraser does from there on out. You have "Eclipse" where Ray asks Fraser if he finds him attractive - with a room full of other people, one of whom is actually a woman - and only seems interested in his answer. You have the - well, I don't know what you want to call it, but the incidident  where Fraser practically manhandles Ray out of his sleeping bag in "I Coulda been a Defendant." And Fraser arresting Ray to protect him in "Asylum." And the buddy breathing in "Mountie on the Bounty," which I will contend is not even the slashiest part of that episode. 

I could go on, but doing so probably would be excessive, even for this. Suffice to say, the OTP was solidfied in my mind by the second RayK episode. That, and I'm kinda a little bit in love with both the main actors now, particularly Callum Keith Rennie, though I'm going to probably kill myself trying to figure out how to make a Battlestar Galactica/due South crossover.

Seriously, though. If you have not seen this show, do so now. Drop what you're doing now and just watch an episode. It deserves ALL THE LOVE.

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I have never ever seen a single episode of Due South at all, never. We dont even get reruns on the show here. :-(
we don't either, but some kind soul posted most the episodes on youTube, and I gotta tell you, despite the hastle of watching it, it's well worth it.
I saw it when it was originally on air... getting old here. *snort*
And yes its a great show in that it takes 'not taking itself seriously' serious. And yes, I'm a Frasier x Ray2 fan. The 90's were great for good bad tv.
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