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Stolen from the incompairable caitri:

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing that I'm familiar with and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write).

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. forced to share a bed
9. truth or dare
10. historical AU
11. accidental-baby-acquisition
12. apocalypse fic
13. telepathy
14. high school / college

Any fandom/book/movie/etc I've mentioned before is fair game.
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The title would be "Believe Me," because I'm a sucker for titles-taken-from-quotes and Tennesse Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one of my favourites - the quote being "Later tonight I’m going to tell you I love you an’ maybe by that time you’ll be drunk enough to believe me. In fact, I've always thought a wonderful masup of CoaHT and SGA, with John as Brick, Rodney as Skipper, and Nancy as Maggie...

But that's another fic.

"Believe Me" would be set anytime after "The Shrine" and before the announcement that they're even thinking about repealing DADT. It would start with the boys getting quite drunk for no real clear reason, Rodney more so than John, and Rodney admitting he loves John. John, naturally, doesn't believe him, as Rodney's dating Jeneffer at the time and, well, drunk; and, being a good friend, never mentions it again.

Fast forward a few months, and this time they're quite drunk - Rodney more so than John - because Jennifer just dumped Rodney, and the same thing happening again. And John, being John, doesn't believe and/or mention it again because, well, Rodney is drunk and heartbroken and straight.

Over the following months, however, John keeps noticing things about Rodney, and, now that the idea is in his head, kinda realizes that, hey, he might actually kinda be in serious like - or maybe even love - with Rodney himself, which makes the whole confession-of-feelings when Rodney's drunk really taxing on him. Cue some serious regret and self-imposed whump, so that the next time it happens, John doesn't realize that Rodney's not actually all that drunk. Not this time. So when Rodney confesses the third time, John is all "if only that were true," and "you don't mean that," which makes not-drunk!Rodney upset and angry and hurt.

They fight, John let's it slip that he loves Rodney too - "And maybe I have all along. I dunno. All I know is that I'd rather be your friend than mess things up when you're drunk and have no idea what you're saying." Rodney argues some more that he's not drunk, but John's not having that, and eventually stomps off.

They ignore each other all the next day - or, at least, John ignores; Rodney plots. That evening, Rodney goes to John's quarters, and after managing to prove that, no, he's not drunk and all that, tells John he loves him again 'cause, you know, fourth time's a charm, and, well, cue the fade to black.


wow, I might have to write this now, I've got it all planned out.
Thank you so much :) this did make me laugh, sounds so typically them, and the title fits so well.

This is a wonderfully detailed scenario, it would be awesome if you did write it. It does sounds like it will have some truly classic moments between the two, with a little angst for both of them and I can just imagine the self-imposed whump, until they finally reach the same point at the same time...and my mind has already gone past the fade to black...

Genderswap - John/Rodney

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It would be called "Warriors," - from the incept, “Only warriors choose how they will die, but that woman had given her life for love, and, perhaps, for her, love was a strange form of war.” from Paulo Coelho's Brida.

Set sometime after "No Man's Land" but before "Outcast":

It starts out, like all fics of this sort start out, with an Ancient device malfunctioning. (Actually, it functions perfectly fine, but they don't know that at the time.) John get's turned into a girl. But, rather than freak out about it, he kinda just shrugs it off and gets on with his day. If they can fix it, fine; if not, so what? It's just not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be, and as long as he gets to keep his job, he's fine with it.

So, anyway, the scientists try for a couple of months to figure out what the hell happened, but eventually John just tells them to get on with other things. The SGC, being fairly understanding, retcons everything they can and gives him a new female birthcertificate and everything (with the name Joan which is the only thing about this he really hates, but everyone just calls him Sheppard or Colonel anyway). They make it so the only people that don't know John wasn't born a woman are, well, the people who knew him before he was a woman. Even some of the new recruits don't know, which kinda gives him(her?) a kick sometimes.

Anyway, "Outcast" comes along and well, John's gotta go back for the funeral. Only Dave, obviously, doesn't know what happened, and can't, so it's going to be something along the lines of two hundred times worse than it would normally be anyway. Because Dave, of course, is going to think he's had some secret desire to be a woman all along, and that's why the whole thing with Nancy didn't work out, etc etc etc.

Cue Rodney, who's actually been quite decent about the whole thing and contented himself to two (well, sometimes three) really inapropriate comments a day about John's new look, mostly in good sport. He goes along with John to his father's funeral. Dave, of course, thinks they're dating and that's why John got the goddamn sex change in the first place, because he's just that kind of gay.

Rodney, of course, stands up for John - at least as much as confideniality agreements will allow for. Loudly, and with much success. But he doesn't deny the whole dating thing.

Later that night, John tells Rodney he didn't have to do that. Rodney, of course, argues that he did. This goes back and forth for a while, with not a few things acidentally slipped in - "Just 'cause I'm a woman now doesn't mean I can't take care of myself, Rodney." "Of course not. You're like the third scarriest woman I know, but that doesn't mean your idiot Country Club brother should be allowed to talk to you like that." "Third?" "After Teyla and Sam." "Ah." - and, eventually, they come to the realization they can kinda act on the attraction that's been building under the surface since like week 1 of their aquantiance and, well, happy ending.

With the epilogue that like, three years later or something they finally figure out how to reverse the process, but John decides to hold off, at least for now. Ostensibly becase, well, he's kinda gotten used to this body and he doesn't want to have to do all the paperwork again, but really because he's secretly a romantic at heart and doesn't want to do it (if ever) until DADT is repealed and he and Rodney can still be together.
ps, there would be a lot of John & Teyla bonding in this one. Plus John (Joan) would actually be really kinda awesomely hot. In the kinda way the evokes a lot of wolfwhistles and bad jokes.

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Okay, this is going to be an odd one:

The incept is going to come from Morning Becomes Electra and so does the title - "Greener Grass" - "Your body? What are bodies to me? I’ve seen too many rotting in the sun to make grass greener! Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt! Is that your notion of love? Do you think I married a body? You were lying to me tonight as you’ve always lied! You were only pretending love! You let me take you as if you were a nigger slave I’d bought auction! You made me appear a lustful beast in my own eyes! – as you’ve always done since our first marriage night! I would feel cleaner now if I had gone to a brothel!" Set anytime after "The Shrine".

For some reason or another, Jennifer Keller is part of a team exploring the outlying parts of the city, possibly because they suspect the area's full of medical equipment. They get caught in a body switching machine the Ancients left behind and, ta da, John is in Keller's body and Keller is in John's. Only, of course, since they're not Ancients, this leaves them all passed out and everything, so they don't realize it until they wake up in the infirmary quite some time later.

Or, at least, Keller wakes up. Since John's body (which she is now in) has like the strongest ATA gene ever, it's just like a bad hangover or something for her. John (in Keller's ATA-less body) just doesn't wake up.

And people have told Rodney that his girlfriend is in John's body, and John is in his girlfriend's, but Jennifer can't help but notice that Rodney seems a lot more concerned over John-in-her-body than he is about the fact his girlfriend is in John's body. Also, the way that he looks at Jennifer-in-John? It's like ten times more intense than any look he's ever given Jennifer when she's in her own body.

Cue introspection.

So, when they finally get switched back into their own bodies, Jennifer breaks up with Rodney because, well, she's not the kind of person to be second in anyone's affections. The breakup is messy, and unnecessarily harsh words are said on her part - think serious, in-character gay-bashing, which I cannot come up with right now - and, after a couple of days she goes to apologize because, well, what she said was just uncalled for.

When she finds Rodney, however, he's not alone. He's with John on the pier, and they're talking about her and what she said and John's all well she's not wrong and Rodney's very much like - "What the hell? I'm not in love with you." - and - 'John fiddles with the pop top of his empty beer can and, almost casually, like he's talking about somebody else, or the weather, or something, says, "Well that's a shame, 'cause I'm in love with you."' - which leads to wonderful McShep goodness.

Keller, embarrassed, stalks away, and decides to send and apology email instead.

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okay. Well, first thing in this fandom them, so that standard warning, along with the fact I've not seen all of the requisite episodes yet.

So indeterminate place in the series. mid S3, lets say. And sort of an untitled drabble in style and length, but with whatever bizzare quote about snow or Inuits or something I can find.

Anyway, it's Christmas time and Chicago is in the middle of the freakiest, most wintery winter it's seen in like ever. And Fraser, being Fraser, goes to check on Ray. You know, make sure he's prepared to survive the storm and all that. Which, of course, he isn't.

So, anyway, by the time Fraser's delevered his speil on storm readiness and seen to it that Ray's prepared, the storm has started in full force and the power goes out and, well, ALL THE THINGS which lead to things like this in fanfic.

So they (and Dief) end up huddling for warmth. Obviously.

And, okay, maybe there's this tension between them that they (well, RayK mostly) might be noticing, but this is the mid-90s and they're cops so, whatever it is it's not what they (he) thinks it is. Obivously. Because that would just be stupid. Because RayK is pretending to be RayV and RayV just does not have thoughts like this (and neither should RayK, but that's not the point). And the point is that to act on any of the tension that may or may not be there would just be stupid, not to mention risk the undercover thing that's the whole point of RayK pretending to be RayV.

RayK says something to this effect, in just as muddled words because, well, he's muddled about it himself.

Fraser, naturally, is confused, but agrees that RayK's job is to be RayV, whatever that might mean, but indicates that he wishes to continue their friendship/working arangement even after RayV returns. Which makes RayK happy. Naturally. Even if he won't admit to himself why at this point.

So it's mostly preslash at this point, but with definate subtext. Kinda wistful. With Dief looking at them like they're both idiots in many parts. And... yeah.
I think you did very well! I love that Fraser promises their friendship will continue even after RayV continues :)
because it deleted this, my most favourite of all tropes and most beautiful of all posts, I'm going to try... again.

First thing's first: the incept would be from Eugene O'Neill's Strange Interlude and it would be "I would be content if our marriage should be purely the placing of our ashes in the same tomb… our urns side by side and touching one another… could the others say so much, could they love so deeply?", the title of the fic being "Side by Side," or something like that.

And it would be a "Brainwashed" rewrite. Wherein John would go with Rodney to the stupid party instead of Keller. And after a really embarrassing convo with Nye and Tyson, John may or may not say something to make them think that he and Rodney are together. And Nye and Tyson, being terrible gossips, spread this news, so that by the time the whole episode is over, everyone at the party knows and, well, it's too late to stop pretending now if they wanna save face, so they roll with it.
The thing is, however, that party's broken up by SGC personnel, so the rumour gets back to the Mountain before they do. And while John and Rodney are in Vancouver, bothering Jeannie, and doing things they don't normally get to do in Pegasus, the rumor starts flying that they're married. And is deeply, deeply entrenched by the time they're ready to head back to Atlantis.

But the thing is, the folks at the SGC? They just don't care. They offer congrats and ask "what took you the hell so long" and all that, but they don't really make a big deal of it. At least, not in a bad way, so they decide to keep rolling with it because, well, what else can they really do?

Only the rumour has made it back to Atlantis by this point, and all their friends are so happy for them and have moved all their stuff to this wicked suite with this sweet view and, well, by this point there's really no going back.

So they make a deal: they'll pretend to be married for 1 year. And then they'll pretend to divorce, and it will be amicable, and everyone will save face and it'll be fine, they're best of buds, they've shared a bed together off-world before, end of story.

Only it's not.