Cats and Concerts

I know the intenet exists at more than a place to post cat pictures but I kinda have to share this one:


...mostly because it appears that my parents are now replacing me and my siblings with cats. This young fellow was adopted completely out of the blue this morning, and my mother has now posted more pictures of him on fb than she has of me. IDK whther to be happy, squeeing, or just plain scared. Anyway, what his orginal name was is not apropos, but he has, at my father's request, been renamed Zazzy because... well, we watch far too much Big Bang Theory (see 1:30 into this clip).

Also, the Florance + the Machine concert my brother and I went to today was great, even if our seats were not ideal...

Plus the opening act - The Maccabees - were pretty great, and had some pretty hot accents. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Zazzy is adorable! I have a soft spot for orange tabby cats though; I can't remember a time when I didn't have one.

Glad you had a good time at the show.
the best part about Zazzy is that he's 5 months old - and 5 months ago we had an (adult) cat who looks exactly like him go missing. there's no possible way they could be related, but it's like, cat reincarnation or something.
Aw, that's great! Cats are special like that. I got my Junior in odd circumstances. I was living in a rural area at the time and I'd gone to the local shelter to get a cat. My Mom had been pestering to me to get one since my boy Brody (an orange cat) had passed away, and now she was using her birthday as an excuse. She wanted a cat for her birthday. So I went to the shelter and they had only one cat there. An orange tabby. It was like he was waiting for us. My Mom just looked very smug about the whole affair.

Did you know most orange tabby cats are male? It's very rare for one to be female. I can't remember why right now, however.
i've heard that, but can't remember why either. all i know is my parents swore last time they'd never get another cat and what do they do? they get another cat. a kitten at that. ::shakes head:: they're special people.
They're cat people. It's what we do. Who we are.

And, uh, I've posted dozens and dozens of pictures of my boys in my journal over the year so be prepared. It's been a while and I've got a few saved up! *g*