White Collar S4 commentary

And I have just finished watching "Gloves Off," meaning I'm now caught up with S4 of White Collar

It might also mean I've absolutely no life, but.... 

S4 is like... I'll be the first to admit S1 was horrendous, but it really does get better as it goes on. And S4 is the best yet. I'm been engrossed from the start of this season, in a way I wasn't really with the others. Maybe because this one is the least cliche so far - or, at least, so obvious about it. The whole search for Neal's father/Ellen's killer is awfully pull-out-out-a-hat, what-can-the-con-this-season-be contrived, but.... 

IDK. I don't know what it is, but I'm still more intrigued now than I was at the begining. And, on the plus side, every episode so far has been putting more proof into the whole Neal/Peter ship - their conversation at the villa in "Wanted" is very subtextual, and the arguement at the end of "Gloves Off" couldn't be more break up if it tried. Which is, you know, nice, because I kinda found it odd that one of the only shows with an acknolwedged gay-in-RL-character is one of the few shows where I've been unable to realistically slash said character, even with my groovy slash-glasses. But that's just a personal thing. Irony, and all. 

Though whoever wrote "Compremising Positions" must have been pursusing the series' fanfiction for inspiration. Seriously. 

Other thoughts include: even cliche odds that Sam is really Neal's father; "Idenity Crisis" had the nice Stargate shout-out from SG-1 alum Willie Garson, who is Mozzie in this series and Martin Lloyd in that one (and anyone who serves as the plot device for "Wormhole X-treme" is a winner in my book); and apparently my mom finds Elizabeth's actress offensive for unknown, unasked after reasons. 

And, well, it's been a long day - made more stressful because of Mom's presense, so... nite all.
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