White Collar S3 Commentary

All series have their issues, but White Collar has more than most. It starts jumping the shark a little (seriously BASE jumping onto walls street without anyone noticing?), but mostly it's good.

I'm estatic beyond all belief that Kate's gone for good, though the new girlfriend just bugs me to peices and I hope to see her GONE. The supporting cast gets flushed out as real people this season, and there are some truely wonderful episodes. My main problem seems to lie with the fact the series has never met a cliche it didn't like, and with the fact that the fandom continues disapoint me in quality fic work, though I'm still searching. The finale was pretty good too, and Beau Bridges makes a perfect oily political character, which is what he always struck me as in SGA. 

I've no real thoughts, other than that "The Dentist of Detroit" might've been enough to convince me of genuine Neal/Peter if the episode that followed it hadn't redoubled the whole father-son vibe I get and renewed the Burkes' wedding vows. "Upper West Side Story" only added to the filial relationship feelings. 

And S4 is only available on laptop via Hulu, so watching the next season may proove slower paced than usual, but I'm actually looking forward to it. Though I hope fewer sharks (and greenscreens) are harmed in the making of this production.

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