Plot Bunnies To Good Home

fBecause I am a person who has too many ideas and not enough time. Some of these are full-fledged, others are just ideas of things I want to stumble across online one day:

  1. White Collar fic I can actually get behind. Which may be impossible given the limitations of the show and my inability to deal with too much OoC.
  2. Grimm fic either without the Nick/Juliette or where he breaks up with her early on, like Aunt Marie wants, following the events of "Bears will be Bears." Preferably Nick/Monroe.
  3. A VOY Janeway/Chakotay fic with absolutely nothing to do with New Earth and with, hopefully, more plot to it than just we're the captain and first officer. let's ship them because it's cliche
  4. A SGA fic where John goes to visit his family while on Earth during "The Return, pt 1," possibly including a better relationship with the family in "Outcast" as an epilogue. Preferably McShep
  5. Something kinda like "Widows Letters," the SGA/Avengers crossover wherein John is Natasha's son, only where the team doesn't find out about this until the aftermath of the Battle of New York, possibly b/c Rodney keeps teasing John about his concern/interest in Black Widow. Again, preferably McShep.
  6. A BSG fic where the Final Five know what they are from the begining, preferably with Anders/Chief.
Okay, these are less bunnies than prompts, but still. They're out there. Go and Get 'em