White Collar S2 commentary

S2 is impossibly better than S1.

Not that that'd be hard, mind you, but it is a lot better. There's some unfortunate greenscreening in the first half of the season, but for the most part it's pretty good. A little predictable, a little silly, but the character's actually gain depth this season - particularly after "Forging Bonds." And, now that Kate's dead, I find myself liking the series a lot more - again, particularly after "Forging Bonds," which shows us that the whole Neal/Kate thing was more Dante/Beatrice than any real relationship, by the looks of things. And, granted, the whole love triangle thing they're trying to do with Alex and Sara and Neal is just terrible, and I can't honestly see him with any woman they've yet introduced in the show, but it's still better than Neal/Kate. 

On other fronts, I'm offically disapointed in the fandom, which has, after vigerous searching, only produced one fic that I'd have any interest rereading. Which is sad and might, admittedly, have more to do with me than the fandom, but still. Though I can kinda see the Neal/Peter thing a little better this season - there's this one seen when Peter's getting ready to go undercover in "Company Man" that gives me the most proof so far - but it still strikes me as a mostly filial or fraternal relationship. And, as my first rule of shiping states:  ship whatever has the most proof. 

But whatever. I'm enjoying it more this season, which is probably evidenced by the 14 episodes I watched yesterday and the two I watched this morning. Oh, and the ending of this is a lot better than last season. By far. In fact, if we never have to hear another word about Kate the McGuffin, I'll be very happy. 
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