White Collar S1 commentary

So, I was bored. That's my excuse. It's like another 2 weeks until the new Grimm episode, so it was either that or The First 48, and I'm not quite that desperate yet. 

Bascially I'm ambivolent about the show. It's not bad, but it's not good either, and there's just something slightly off about the main character - it could just be the normal con oiliness, or maybe the fact he seems to be trying a little too hard, or just the hair. Or the hat. I mostly keep watching 'cause it flickers and I'm bored and kinda stalled on "Messias." 
Though "Free Fall" wasn't that bad, even if the end scene was shoot-me-now cliche. And druged!Neal in "Vital Signs" was most hillarious.
Mostly, though, I can't see why Neal would risk everything for Kate. I sense like zero chemistry between them, and she's just... not someone worth breaking out of jail for. I can scarcely believe he's supposed to be that in love with her, or that she was ever in love with him, or even good enough to con him into thinking so. 
Other thoughts include mild wonder at the proponderance of Peter/Elizabeth/Neal in the fandom, or Peter/Neal with and aiding and abetting Elizabeth - both of which kinda strike my squick factor 'cause, call me old fashioned, but I'm kinda a serious believer in monogomy. Though, given the age difference between Peter and Neal's actors, I'm kinda surprised there aren't any (that I've found so far) fics where Neal is Peter's son from when he was like 15-17. 'Cause I get more of that vibe from them so far than anything else - particular after that dressing down scene in "The Portrait." 
But... ::shrugs:: I'm mostly in this for the fanfiction, which has been sadly subpar so far. I think I'm expecting too much from people.
Le sigh

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It's on my list of things to watch. But you've put a new spin on it...
let me just say that it's definately something to watch only when you've run out of other options.

lj is being stupid again and eating my alterts. :(
I will definitely keep that in mind! Considering I have so many things on my To Watch list, I don't foresee that day coming anytime soon.

Aw :(
yeah. though I did finally find a series that explores the whome paternal thing between them - it was very good until the last one, when it started getting far too kinky for my vanilla tastes.

S3's pretty good so far, and the last episode I watched totally made me an almost-believer in the whole Neal/Peter ship. But Peter's just too devoted to his wife and I'm not a fan of threesome fics, so... I don't see it as happening. The fandom's very disapointing, considering it made it into the Slash Tourney. Which, btw, there's only 300 or so votes seperating each contestant in each bracket for BOTH the slash and femslash tournies. It's very exciting, even if the only one left I like in either is Sherlock's Sherlock/John.