A f-list meme

Blatently taken from reena_jenkins, the mother of my one and only podfic.

So comment and I will tell you: 
  1. Tell you why I friended you (if I remember)
  2. Associate you with something
  3. Tell you something I like about you
  4. Tell you a memory I have of you
  5. Associate you with a character/pairing
  6. Ask you something I've always wanted to know about you
  7. Tell you my favourite userpic
  8. Tell you that you most post this to your own lj.
1. I think you friended me first, and I, being me when it comes to things like my f-list, immediately friended you back.

2. Long convos about local politics and insanities, mostly. I love having someone I'm able to talk about that stuff with that's not actually related to me. - oh, and every time I see your defult icon, I think of this wing!fic, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with McShep and, as far as I know, you've never even heard of it until now.

3. How prompt you are. I know that's a little stupid to say considering I saw the alert for this for half hour before responding to this - I blame my inability to multitask, at least when watching TV - but I love how I can comment on something, and then you commment, and then back and forth and before you know it we've left 20 or 30 comments in 15 minutes. It's just like a real convo, and I love it so, so much.

4. A memory... oh, I think the one that sticks out most is our discussion about the crazy couple with the bath salts a while back. That's been on the news a lot lately - the bath salts, not that particular convo - at my parents house because they just made them illegal in Tenn. and they live right near the boarder, so people are smuggling them in. So every time I'm up there and dad watches the news and that comes on (which is a lot, let me tell you) I think that that and you.

5. McShep. Obviously.

6. No pressure or anything, but since you live nearby would you be interested in doing a meet-up sometime?

7. It's a tie between the "le sigh" one, because that is like my motto and the "victory is mine" one.

8. I'd tell you to, but I see you've already done so, so.... yeah.

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Yes! It's totally awesome to find someone else who agrees with me on politics and the state of this country in general and who is not related to me. Also, to be able to bitch about said relations.

Hee, our lightning-fast replies are also something I like about you; it's almost like having a real-time conversation.

Ah, illegal bath salts. Is there anything else to add to that? I suspect not. ;)

Ooh, I've never gotten to meet any of my strictly-lj friends IRL! (A lot of my friends were RL friends from school, first.) That would be neat. Maybe when I get a job we can do something together (gotta make some money soon, though!).

Ah, the le sigh I actually made myself, so I'm really proud of that one. The victory one is one of my favourite lines from The West Wing, and I think I got that one off of another flister.

there's no rush. I'm all free time 'til I ship out in feb, and after i get done with basic I'm only going as far as Columbus for A-school, so it's not like I'm going all that far. le sigh.

This state is special. Did I mention I saw I line of 20 cars in the McDonald's drivethru line the other day, but absolutely no cars parked in the lot or customers actually inside the resturant? ::shakes head:: Or the bumpersticker that I saw that same day which said, "stop the abortion conspiracy"? Tell me what, exactly, is the abortion conspiracy, and how does this person plan to stop it?

I don't know what else you can say about bath salts. Only that it's kinda disapointing it's just a nickname for some designer drugs and not actual real bath salts, because, well, it just is.

I'm an icon whore. I love icons and steal all those I love. I've like 200 in waiting in a file on my laptop....
you've never done a meme before? ::gasps in shock:: I'm solely tempted to say something off-colour here about that. But I won't, 'cause I'm not that kind of person. mostly.

1. Your pictures. I always check out the ljs of people who friend me, and I think you did, or maybe left a comment on something in the AJ 'verse? and, anyway, I followed the link to your lj and saw your pics and, well, as they say, the rest was history

2. Again, your pictures. And England. And the Olympics. A lot of little things that make up the impression I have of you in my mind.

3. Hmm.... Not to sound repetive or anything, put I love your eye - you can take a whole bunch of really commonplace things and make them beautiful with your pictures, which is the mark of a true artist/photographer/etc. And you're always so willing to talk about the story behind the pics you share, which is almost even more wonderful.

4. The lemon vs. lime discussion. It made me want citrus so badly that I went out later that day and bought a whole much of orange juice, and then went out to eat the next day for the sole purpose of eating that particular resturant's key lime pie even though I certainly shouldn't have had it. Plus, at some point in that convo my brother walked in and asked what I was doing, and just got this look when I told him that I should've taken a picture it was so brilliant.

5. I suppose I should say McShep, but actually I get a more "SGA gen" vibe from you. Don't ask me why, I just do. ::shrugs::

6. Hmmm... difficult. I don't actually know what to ask here. I suppose, feeding into the Brit stereotype: coffee or tea?

7. The dog one. For obvious reasons.

8. Pretty, pretty, pretty please?
1. Again, I think this is a case of you friending me first - probably for updates on the AJ 'verse? - and me being me and only slightly stockerish and friending you back.

2. That icon you had for a while, that one with a cartoon Rodney in sky-high levels ov squee over a ZPM and kinda foaming at the mouth? So now it's Pavlovian: I see your username, and I think squee. You are the digital embodiment of McShep fandom in my mind.

3. You always comment, no matter how trivial or stupid the original post/comment was. And you always have such interesting things to say - to make me think about the fandom and my own writing and I gotta tell you, I've changed direction with some of these stories, or added things I otherwise wouldn't have, based off some of the things you've said. And we have like conversations and, well, are very accepting of my insanities.

4. oh, so many! I guess the one that pops first into my mind are all the educated discussions of why McKeller sucks and why McShep is best. Though the whole Iohannes-is-not-replacing-anyone-with-Rodney discussion is a big one too.

5. McShep, all the way. With a side hint of Lorne/Zelenka. (Actually, kinda a lot with Zelenka. You're like the AJ 'verse's wild-haired, slightly manic godmother. or something.)

6. Your username. What's the story?

7. Well, like I said, I was very much a fan of squee!Rodney, but my fav now is the "very much like a marmot" one. It is adorable in so many ways.

8. The Power of the Internet Compels You to Continue This Meme.
1. I think that's how it went, too. I don't remember exactly, but it makes sense that I'd friend you for updates on your fantastic AJ 'Verse.

2. You are the digital embodiment of McShep fandom in my mind. Wow - that's a *huge* honor. And I loved that icon - it so often summarized my reaction to things. mcShep makes me foam at the mouth~

3. I like to let my friends know that I'm around and reading their posts, though sometimes I have nothing of substance to say, so I just leave a dumb comment. I've changed direction with some of these stories, or added things I otherwise wouldn't have, based off some of the things you've said. Wow, I had no idea. I kind of feel special, now!

4. ...all the educated discussions of why McKeller sucks and why McShep is best. Though the whole Iohannes-is-not-replacing-anyone-with-Rodney discussion is a big one too. I love those discussions we have ♥ The "Iohannes is not replacing anyone" discussion sticks out in my mind too, because the idea of Iohannes doing that hurts. And is gross.

5. My favorite association :D I think Lorne/Zelenka is cute. I like the idea of those two commiserating over their bosses and working together behind the scenes, so to speak - and then feelings growing from there. You're like the AJ 'verse's wild-haired, slightly manic godmother. or something. I ACCEPT THIS TITLE WITH HONOR.

6. I was reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower series in high school, and in one of the books the main character was going from his universe to ours - and it was revealed that what we call sandwiches *he* calls popkins - and I just loved the word, the *POP* of it so to speak XD And I was 16 at the time *shrug*

7. David Hewlett is too cute. Those are my favorite non-shippy icons too. I tend to favor the Rodney ones, which is a surprise to exactly no one.

8. And I Must Obey.
you should feel special bb. though I feel I should point out you missed the 'verse's christening, and forgot to send a present. that's very irresponsible of you.

Popkin is such a cool word. Though I must admit knowing it's a sandwhich just makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Total agreement with #7. and #4.
1. Oh, this is easy. You were doing the podfic for "Spark Notes." I was just getting into lj at the time - lurking, without even an account - so I figured why not and made and account and friended you to stalk you and your progress on said podfic better.

2. Well, "Spark Notes," of course. And random bandom podfics that I always see going up, though I admit to never having read any, bandom not being my thing. And podficing in general, as you're the only real podficer I know

3. You always are introducing me to new fics that I don't think I'd ever have found without you turning them into podfics. Plus you always seem so ::upbeat:: about everything. It's a nice, refreshing change from the general tone of my life.

4. Oh, memories... Balance Is Not Necciarily Good Star Wars convo really was a great one, wasn't it? And, bizzarely, I think I recall one about a drawer/bread box? Or am I making that up?

5. Bandom. Like I said, it's not my thing, but every other podfic sometimes seems to be about it, so it's hard to shake the associateion ;)

6. oh, difficult. I can never come up with these things when I need them. Oh, I know. If you could own the rights to any one of your fandoms, which would it be, and why?

7. It's a tie. Either the "Poke a stick at it" one, just because that's so me, or the "I hope to replace my soul with coffee and become immortal" one, because how can you not?

8. a bit redundant, I think.
Bandom's my newest fandom fling right now, so it's kind of taken over everything. If you're looking for SGA podfics, though (since we've got that in common), I've made tons of SGA podfic, over this way (! They're mostly from 2010 and 2011, and not all of them have had their links updates yet, but feel free to take a look around and poke me for new ones :-D

And, yeah, the bread drawer exists. It's over here (

Also, hmmmm. I need to think about this - which of my fandoms would I want the rights to, and why. Shall ponder, and be back with thoughts soon.
take your time. it's a difficult question for me too.

I knew I couldn't be making up the bread drawer. that's too bizzare to dream up.

I'll have to take a look though. TTFN