An Update

It's offical: I'm offically obessed with Grimm, as evidenced by my frantic refreshing of the NBC / Hulu websites last night from 10pm onward, trying to get the online version of last night's episode. (It appeared on HULU sometime after midnight, and I was forced to watch it first thing this morning.) It's an issue, I know, and I blame Mom entirely, but what can you do? Everyone's got to have something I guess, and as must as I'm still obsessed with SGA, I've got to admit I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to be obsessed with something still on-air. 

Speaking of Mom though, she is demanding that I go up to visit her after my DEP meeting tomorrow, which is okay except for how she phrases her requests (which are mostly I worry about you all alone down there), so I gotta go up to the Mountain House tomorrow, which means 4+ hours of driving and an iffy computer-acceibility, which really sucks because I've finally made some headway on the next bit of "Messias." 

Le sigh. 
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I've heard mixed reviews on Grimm :) But it's nice to have interests that are still on air!

Sorry about you having to go up to the Mountain House :\\\
it's one of those hit-or-miss things. the first 7 episodes or so were awful, but it gets better.

And it's not so much the Mountain House itself as, well, it's the fact that I finally have a start on "Messias." I don't want to lose the muse and writing there is always spotty at best.

le sigh.