Origin Stories: Evan David Lorne

Title: Origin Stories: Evan David Lorne
Rating: PG
Words: 1,489
Pairing/Charecter(s): Lorne, with OCs and most of Atlantis as background
Warnings/Spoliers: thru S2 of the Ancient!John 'verse (though, if you cross out like 2 lines of the last paragraph, it can be read on it's own). Familiarity with "Heres" and "Atlas" is at recommended, however.
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summary: The Story of Evan David Lorne
Notes: Blame this one on popkin16 (which should probably just be cut and pasted into my disclaimer.) Basically, we got into a bit of a discussion about head!canons the other day, and I immedately wrote half of this because my head's been stuck in a bit of a "Lorne" place, and I've insanely complicated head!canons for every character I get even remotely interested in for any show. I tried to keep it as non-AJ 'verse as possible, but a little snuck in towards the end...
One day, I'll get to the others, but right now I'm more concerned about finishing "Messias."
I stuck to canon and stuff I was able to get off of SGA wiki as much as possible.

Evan David Lorne

An Origin Story

"How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised by anything that happens in life!"

Marcus Aurelius Mediations

Evan has only ever hated one person in his entire life and that man is Robert James Hadley, who he's never even met.

He hates Robert Hadley because he's his mother's husband, the one she was too afraid of to divorce even after she ran away, ran all the way to San Francisco, for fear he'd track her down and take her children away. Robert Hadley had done terrible things to her, but she'd put up with all of it because that's what she'd been taught her lot in life was: to put up with the whims of men. But there's only so much a woman can put up with, especially when she has two children and starts to see those whims turned on them.

So she'd run away. She'd run all the way to San Francisco, first to a cramped apartment in a decrepit brick building that had never quite been the same after the Great Earthquake but somehow managed to avoid being torn down year after year, then to an older but far better maintained converted firehouse in Glen Park. And a few years later she met the man who would be Evan's father, and though they never married, they were happy together, which is all that really mattered.

Not that Mom ever told him of any of this. As far as Evan knew growing up, Bryan and Robin were his full-blooded brother and sister, and the fact that they and Mom had a different last name from him and Dad was just a curiosity and nothing more. It wasn't until he'd almost been a senior in college that he'd learned the truth - the full, unvarnished truth as far as Bryan remembers it, though he'd only been four at the time - and only then because Mom had received a letter in the mail telling her that her husband was dead.

So the only person Evan's ever hated is a dead man, whom he never met and never will.

This remains true even after he joins the SGC, because while there are a lot of bad people in the universe, not all of them people in the strictest sense, none of the things those guys have done come close to the things that Robert Hadley did trying to break the spirit of a woman who's only sin was having ever loved him.

Granted, on universal scale of evilness, beating up one woman every now and again probably doesn't compare much to enslaving entire planets, or the senseless torture of anyone who might dare dissent, or murder on a scale for which humanity doesn't quite have the words for, but still. The goa'uld never pretended to be kind and loving false gods. Robert Hadley did nothing but.

His dad, Eric, is a cop. Not a particularly good one it must be said, if one measures goodness by advancements and commendations, but he was honest and thoughtful and kind, and did twenty without incident. And before that he'd put in four years with the Navy - not that he'd been particularly good at that either, never rising above the rank of seaman - and gotten out before things started getting hairy in Vietnam.

His mom, June, is a bit of a bohemian, despite everything that happened with her husband. She was always bright and vivacious and taught art classes at the community center three times a week in exchange for locally-grown vegetables or homemade jam or herbal teas. She always had some cause she was championing, and more often than not her art was donated to some fundraiser rather than sold to put money in the jam-jar she kept in full sight on the kitchen counter.

On the face of it, they should've been a bad match, but that's only if one stopped at the face of things. Dad is calm and solid and steady and in all his life Evan has never seen him get truly angry at anything, and Mom is not nearly as flighty as she seems. They're perfect for each other in a way that Evan's never actually questioned. It doesn't matter that they've never married. They're his parents and they love each other. Nothing else really matters.

He wonders sometimes what his parents would say if they knew what he really did. They still think he's part of the 4 SOS, stationed in Afghanistan and getting shot at on a more less regular basis. Not that it's any less dangerous on Atlantis, but he doesn't like lying to them about something so important.

Mostly, though, Evan just wishes he could show Mom some of the paintings he's done of Atlantis, but even those are classified.

Atlantis is a city that begs to be painted. Forget physicists and anthropologists, the moment the Stargate Program goes public the SGC would be fighting off requests from artists who want to come to Atlantis to draw her.

Evan has yet to come across the right shade of blue for Lantea's sky on a clear afternoon. He's tried Manganese and Cerulean and Ultramarine, Cobalt and Windsor and Indanthrene. He's found pigments for every other time of day, every other light, but he's starting to think that one might not exist for the Lantean summer, when the sun is high and the weather fair, and ocean for miles and miles.

He's not found the right color for the ocean yet either, but he's in no hurry. He'll figure it out on day.

His sister, Robin, is nearly six years older than him; Bryan's almost seven. He was close to both when he was younger - or, at least, as close as anyone can be with that kind of age difference. Things have been particularly strained between him and Bryan ever since Bryan went off to college on the east coast and decided that traveling cross-country for holidays was too much trouble. He's some sort of estate lawyer for some firm out of DC how, and Evan's not spoken to him in nearly five years.

He's still close with Robin, though. She's stayed in San Francisco, running an apothecary in Chinatown with her husband, so he'd been able to visit a lot when he'd been attached to the teaching cadre out of Berkley. His deployments, first to Afghanistan, then to the SGC and Atlantis, have kept him from visiting as much lately, but her kids at least know who he is, which is more than he can say about Bryan's.

Sometimes he wonders if he shouldn't have just stuck it out with Becca, and ignored the whole she's pregnant but it's not my kid thing. He probably would've too, if she'd just been honest about it.

Evan didn't have to join the Air Force, didn't have to take the AFROTC scholarship to pay for college. Well, he did if he wanted to go to a place like Seattle University, which was both private and out-of-state, but there were other colleges.

He chose Seattle because it was close enough to drive too but far enough away to make visiting home a vacations-only sort of deal.

He chose the Air Force because he wanted to do something with his life, and Evan'd the vague idea of being able to do more in the military than as a cop like Dad.

He ended up majoring in philosophy trying to figure out what the something might be. (Evan's still not figured out that one yet, but he's hoping that one might might come with time too.)

On Earth, he's usually a pilot attached to special operations squadrons like the 4 SOS, mostly flying AC-130s. Over the years, he's picked up enough cross-training to be a combat controller as well, which is what he actually did the most of in Afghanistan.

On Atlantis, he serves as executive officer to a ten-thousand-year-old Ancient who can speak to the city and is probably his five-hundredth great-uncle, give or take a few generations. He spends more hours doing paperwork than should legally be possible and flys puddle jumpers that can cloak and go one-fourth the speed of light. He's just a little bit in love with his civilian counterpart, a very male Czech astrophysicist, and quasi-married to a sentient Ancient warship.

Evan's life used to make sense, in a way it never does anymore, but he wouldn't trade it for anything.

Assorted Background Info
Born: 22.7.1970, San Fransisco, California
  • Seattle University [1988 - 1992, Philosophy, AFROTC]
  • University of Caifornia, Berkeley [1998 - 2001, ABD, Philosophy]
Mother: June Childress [1941 - ]
Father: Eric Lorne [1940 - ]
Step-Father: Robert James Hadley [1936 - 1992]
  • Bryan Hadley [4.5.1963 - ], divorced, two children:
    • Matthew Hadley [1989 - ]
    • Jessica Hadley [1992 - ]
  • Robin Hadley [23.9.1964 - ], married to Joseph Liu [1971 - ], two children:
    • Tyler Liu [2001 - ]
    • Riley Liu [2003 - ]
Spouse: none
Children: none
  • Recuiting Flight Commander & Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies; Detachment 085, University of California, Berkeley [1998 - 10.2001]
  • Flight Commander, 4th Special Operations Squadron; deployed to Afghanistan [10.2001 - 2.2003]
  • Executive Officer, SG-11; Stargate Command [2.2003 - 7.2005]
  • Assistant Military Commander, Atlantis Expedition & Commander of AR-2 [7.2005 - ]
Cover Story: Assistant Director of Operations, 4th Special Operations Squadron in Afghanistan [2.2003 - ]

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