Grimm commentary

I blame my mother. I really, really do. I never would've watched this if not for her wanting to watch it when she last visited. And, frankly for the first few episodes, I didn't see the draw. But I was bored and watched it just for something to do, even though the premire was just awful, and, well... here we are.

Granted, the pilot sucked. I mean, it was just awful and obvious and I kinda stopped paying attention halfway thru because, well, Mom was there and I couldn't turn it off. And I only watched the next 5 episodes or so because, well, I'm bored living in the basement of an otherwise empty house and there are only so many hours you can spend on the tredmill, regardless of what my father might say. (And, sadly, the worst of these episodes is "The Three Bad Wolves," featuring Jamie Ray Newman of SGA fame, making me very bad for, well, everything I did to her in "Fradator.") 

But by episode 7, "Let Your Hair Down," things really started getting good. And by 13, "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau," I was hooked. And now I'm caught up thru the latest episode, s2e3, "Bad Moon Rising," and waiting with bated breath for more. 

I like it because, unlike other cop shows, this one has story arcs beyond the whole baddie of the season sort of thing. Granted, the girlfriend, Juilette, bugs the crap out of me, and at first the Grimm, Nick, seems like too much of a pretty boy to really be a danger to anyone, cop or Grimm or whatever, but let me tell you, towards the end of the first season, he really starts getting badass. (The only way I can think to describe it is sorta like a John Sheppard sort of thing, only instead of being badass and kinda a geek at the same time, only in this case it's more sorta badass and too pretty to ever really be classified as one). Particularly in "Leave it to Beavers" and "Woman in Black." 

Plus, after the first few episodes which are annoyingly let's get people get used to the idea of what we're trying to do before we hit them with too much plot like the first few episodes of Dollhouse were, it gets really good, really fast. Which may be why it took me like a week to watch the first 10 episodes and then less than 36 hours to watch the rest. 

All I know is, the rest of S2 promises to be interesting, and I can only hope that the first few episodes of it are a setup to get rid of Juliette for good because, well, I hate anyone that passive aggressive on principle. That, and based off of one or two lines and the fact that the guy playing Nick really is too pretty for his own good, I can see why the cursory examination I've made of the fandom shows that like 97% of it is slash. Even if I don't really see any of the main two ships that seem to exist. 

Plus, I'm kinda thinking of "casting" David Giuntoli, the guy who plays Nick, as Evan Lorne in the whole Pegasus X-treme thing I really need to get around to finishing. ::facepalms::

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I know. Admitting I like this show is almost more painful than my first forray into fanfiction (I felt so guilty for that, like I was betraying canon or something). But what can I do?
I only caught on the show after we were flipping channels one night and I said, "Wait... That's the Portland Streetcar!". We tuned in and watched - it was interesting. But what you said is completely true - slow build, but once they get into the meat of the thing, they grab you but good.

And yes - Juliette bugs me as a bit too wishy-washy. I loved one of the episodes at the end of S1 where Nick & Monroe basically ended up talking like slash boyfriends - it was hilarious! I need to write some more though (I owe someone a story).
Re: Welcome!!!!
I have this deep and abiding love of the Northwest - spent too many of my formative years at Fort Lewis, in Washington. It's my goal to one day move to like the deepest part of the Olympic Peninusla. But this totally makes me think about going for Portland instead.

I'm seriously considering rewatching s1e22-s2e2 tonight, just because they were that good.