The Internet

... Is an evil, evil place.

Actually, no, I love it. It is a major time suck, the modern day Charybdis, but I love being able to have all that information at my fingertips and, well, being able to post things like this. (Though, admittedly, that love goes away when I discover horrifying things like Blue's Clues fanfiction actually exists, most of it, by the warnings, of a decidedly PG13+ nature. 

But anyway, I go online to fill in the blank of who thought that _____ were pretty neat ideas for the next installment of "Messias" and come out of it 45 min later with nothing to show for it but some new info on the cyberpunk orgins of steampunk and the knowledge my brother has inadvertantly caused a Nerf arms race in his college dorm - which, BTW, is an entirely AROTC dorm, and can only end badly.

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AROTC Nerf war actually sounds very amusing. They can put their training to use without actually endangering themselves. You should try to get your brother or one of his friend's to record it. It would be wildly entertaining. My dad (former AROTC) is laughing at the thought.
its all mom's fault. she bought us all nerf guns for last xmas and my brother's obviously taken them (including some "semiautomatic" ones with him to college.

glad your dad thinkgs its funny though
AROTC Nerf, huh? Sounds hilarious.

The internet - and wikipedia - will suck you in and hours will pass before you know it.

It's all Mom's fault. She bought us all various levels of nerf weaponry for Xmas last year. My brother must have taken the "big guns" with him.

this can only end badly.
That sounds like a lot of fun though! Nerf weapons...I'd be willing to use one on my brother, lol.
it is. but dangerous considering she got Dad this semi-automatic one with like 20 "bullets" per cartridge, and he was in Special Forces for 19 years, so.... deadly acruate with those foam bullets.

he used them to scare off a racoon though. Cool and weird at the same time.