Premium Rush commentary

So, I'd probably never have gone to see Premium Rush if not for the fact it stars Joseph Goron-Levitt, whom I loved dearly since seeing him in Inception and 500 Days (of Summer)

The problem with going to a movie only for the actors (as I discovered with This Means War ::shudder::) is that you've no idea what the movie is actually about going in. And I mean, it wasn't bad or anything - it was actually pretty good in places - it's just that it was nowhere near the level of amazingness that some of his other movies have been.

In fact, my enduring thought throughout most of the movie was you know, this would make a great Origin Story for an Arthur/Eames fic. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that the opening and closing music was "Baba O'Reilly," which is amazing on it's own but in this case happened to remind me of gyzym's wonderful Inception Coffee!AU, "I've got nothing to do today but smile (the only living boy in New York)," as well as the fact that the guy Gordon-Levitt was playing had gone to law school, like the Arthur in that same fic. 

Mostly, though, it was an okay movie. One I'll probably never think about again until the inevitable Xover story appears on AO3, but not so bad. Though it did leave me with the desire to go bike riding some time soon....

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Aw, that was the reason I was thinking about seeing that; only, I remember him from 3rd Rock from the Sun and an awesome guest appearance on Numb3rs. The review in the Observer gave the movie 3.5 stars, and it sounded like a decent summer action flick, so maybe I'll still go see it anyway.
I'm not saying don't see it. I'm just saying see it as a matinee if you can.

It's good, but not brilliant. And I was kinda hoping for brilliant. 'cause that's the way life's going right now
That's pretty much what he said. I've given up hoping for brilliant summer flicks; it's hard enough trying to get brilliant any other time. You just can't expect much from summer movies is the key to not being disappointed.

Although, it sounded like there weren't any explosions or anything; car chases are okay, but I like my action movies with some pretty bangs.
yeah. Though Inception was a summer movie and it was brillaint, so I guess it's a case of 1 in a million or something.


though at this point I'd settle for a decent new tv show to watch
though at this point I'd settle for a decent new tv show to watch

Tell me about it. I can't seem to get into any of the shows on TV now, particularly the ones on SciFi. It's such a disappointment.
I've been watching Grimm on Hulu just because it's there and is something to watch while I'm eating. I tried Life too, but that was only good until like the 5th episode, after which I just couldn't stay interested....

Le sigh.

I was totally turned off Grimm by the ads for it during the Olympics (pretty much the only TV I've watched in the last two months); it was just too weird without a real character/plot connection for me. So I stick with fic on the internet. Speaking of which, I just saw your latest, so I'm off to read!
It's not that great, I'll admit, but I've about run out of fic to read, and well, you can only reread stuff so many times. Le sigh. I'm about desperate enough to try S2 of Sherlock again, but Irine totally turned be off when I tried last time, so.... IDK.

hope you enjoy it!
Oh, god, I know; I've mostly been doing a desperate search through my bookmarks for a fic I haven't just re-read for the zillionth time.

I never saw what everyone was so excited about with Sherlock, but whatever.

I quite enjoyed your drabble!
I think it was the possibilities more than anything else. and it's relative uniqueness. IDK. I liked S1, but S2... eh, when I stop in the middle of the first episode of somehting I've been waiting so long for, you know it's not so good.

but whatever. I just need something new to read, desperately
I've been reading a WIP series over on AO3 that's a crossover with Avengers; I think it's the Widow!verse or something similar. Pretty good, particularly since I know next to nothing about the Avengers and have no real desire to change that.
I've been reading that one too. I admit to finding it facinating - though I usually don't bother with anything not Steve/Tony when I'm reading Avengers fic.
I've actually never read any Steve/Tony; I have read a couple Tony/Sheppard and Tony/Jack Harkness that were amusing, though. My favourite was also one where Jarvis had a fling with Torchwood's Mainframe. It was adorable.
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