Prooving once again that RL is stranger than fiction

So it's been a week of strangeness for my family - and we're only halfway through it.

First things first: yesterday was Dad's first day of school. By which I mean, after nearly thirty years, he went back to college as a poli sci major, which is hillarious for two reasons. One, it's the same major my brother's taking (at the same college my brother is going to). And, two, having been in the Army for almost all of those nearly 30 years, he's had the distinct pleasure (or something like it) to be a part of most current events in one form or another, which can only lead to excitement. Particularly in his East vs. West class. 

Second, well, a lot of really annoying small things, but the upshot of which is that I was so fed up and so protein-hungry that I went to Outback for dinner tonight. And, in the booth behind me, I overheard a woman ask if she could order the house salad without any lettace. I wasn't correctly placed to see what the end result of this might have been, only that it was greener than usual. 

But I have reaffirmed my love of red meat. I do honestly think I could be a vegetarian if not for my love of the occasional steak. (In fact, I practially am one now, but whatever.) And, now that Mom's gone back to the Mountain House (honestly, I get that you love your dentist folks, but four hours is a long way to drive to see her) I might actually be able to get some writing done.

I love hamburger too much to be a vegetarian.

Good luck writing, bb!
eh, it wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. now if I can just stay awake long enough to finish part 2!
I hope your dad enjoys his course.

I became a vegetarian while I was at university. When faced with student hall catering, it's surprisingly easy to give up meat.

I never really missed red meat, but I started eating it again when I was pregnant with my son. When you have kids of your own, your priorities change. If he decided to go vegetarian I'd be 100% behind him, but so far he seems to be a red-blooded carnivore type.
it's not just a course - he's actually going back for a degree. It should take him a 3-4 years. I've already been faced with bizzare math questions over the phone (poor dad; he's in the most remedial math they offer and is still having issues) and expect to be sent many of his papers to "beta," as I did with many of his reports when he was a contractor...

IDK. My main feelings of vegitarianism aren't so much for any stong, PETA-esque reasons so much as they are for the more esoteric "the majority of grain grown in this country goes to feed animals to feed us" thing, which I think is kinda a waste. I might go vegetarian when I get to basic, just to see if I can do it, and we'll see from there.