Some thoughts on The Hunger Games

I've been feeling melancoly, so as I was flipping through my Xbox stuff, trying to decide what class I wanted to replay Mass Effect as, I saw an ad for a streaming rental of The Hunger Games movie on Xbox Live and decided, well, why not?

And it was actually better the second time around. Mostly, I think, because it's now been ages since I read the books. And the movie is a vastly different thing from the book.  You get a whole different impression of who Katniss is and what she's thinking in the book as opposed to the movie, as we're no longer privy to her vast and many internal monolgues. Now, granted, I liked the book-Katniss a lot - it's not often that you get someone so genuninely unlikable as a main character - but I prefer movie-Katniss. (And, for the record, can we say worst name EVER? Everybody together now.)

Granted, the movie has its flaws. Many and varied. But once you stop expecting it to be the book, it's not so bad. The reaping was a little tearful, and there was (again) full-on sobbing at Rue's death, but mostly it was just a fun, mindless romp to indulge in while bored, with a little bit of politcal commentary that's largely glossed over. Still loving Jeniffer Lawerence as an actress, still think Pieta is the best character of them all, and find myself disliking the guy who plays what's-his-name, the one who's RL engaged to Miley Cyrus even more (as a person and as an actor) even more. 

In other news, it was a crappy day, but hopefully I'll be able to translate some of this emotion into wriiting now, or else I might be forced to get desprate and watch the saddess of all sad romance movies: Moulin Rouge.

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I've not read the books or seen the movie, but I keep planning to. Fail, self. Fail.


I'm watching this show called Life now. It's not so bad, but kinda dull. Better than Grimm at least. Mom's here though, so, TV options are limited. As are writing opertuinities. ::sighs again::
This is not a quote I ever expected you to post:

"But once you stop expecting it to be the book, it's not so bad."

I have this theory that it's better to see the film first and then read the book (for everything, not specifically for The Hunger Games) - if the film didn't manage to put you off ...

And omg, surely you must have something more cheerful to watch/read than Moulin Rouge? Or is it a "at least I'm better off than that guy" thing?

I think your de-stressing through killing stuff on Xbox theory had more merit.
It was more of a "maybe if I have a good cry, I'll get all the sad out of me" sort of theory. The killing stuff one is best for anger, not random feelings of sadness.

and I'm almost always in the read the book first camp - and almost always in the book is better camp as well - but I've found in my recent study of movies that it's better for everyone involved to treat them as their own seperate, unrelated work. That way I enjoy the movie more and the book remains sacrosanct.

Plus, The Hunger Games is still infinatley better than Twilight.