New Amsterdam commentary

So I tried this show New Amsterdam today. It was real short - only lasted 8 episodes - but it was pretty good. 

I can see why it was cancelled though. It held my interest for like 6 episodes and then sorta became a yawn-fest. I find the idea of a man who's bascially lived in NYC for the entire time there's been an NYC intriguing, as well as the caveat he can't die until he mets his soul-mate. They also used a genuine Danish actor, so he looked a little more European than one would expect from a modern day NYCer - though it took me a few episodes to figure out that was it - but.... 

But it somehow failed to have that twist, that spark, that whatever that makes all the best shows great. I probably would've stopped after the 6th episode if I hadn't known there were only 2 more. Worth the time to watch it, though not enough to ever make it worth watching again. 

Major issues? The only 3D character was John Amsterdam. Everyone else... kinda revolved around him, like they didn't really matter. Which, you know, when you're 400 years old, they probably don't, but still. Not so good for interesting TV. 

Le sigh. I've made some real work on "Messias" though, and with luck I'll have something to post soon.

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I've never heard of this show, but the premise sounds fascinating. I'd want it as a fic, except I'd be devastated if one of my ships were doomed to die after meeting their soulmate. (Do they immediately die? Or do they start aging like a normal person does? Because if it's the latter I'd totes read it.)
IDK. The guy seemed to think he'd die immediately - that all his years would catch up with him right away - but there also seemed to be some thought he'd start aginging normally. It wasn't very well explained, mostly because the guy seemed to have no idea.

It would make a good fic though. (Who can we bully into writing this for us you think?)
Maybe I could post to my LJ, something like:

"Fic idea based on tv show New Amsterdam: A man who's bascially lived in NYC for the entire time there's been an NYC intriguing, as well as the caveat he can't die until he mets his soul-mate. (taken from aadarshinah"

and then just let whoever wants it take it? I'd volunteer to write it, but that's basically a guarantee it'd never get done. Though I've recently made a decision to try and write 50,000 words in 4 months.
::shrugs:: if you want. It would be cool if someone *did* do it... I'd volunteer, but I'm having a hard enough time with the AJ verse. Diversifying isn't going to help anyone at this point.

50K SGA, or words in general?
I'm probably going to do that, then. As long as you don't mind :P

50K SGA is what I want to do. I have a bunch of ideas that I start and never finished, I'd like to try and get *something* done.
well, best of luck to you. I'm looking forward to reading anything you want to write.

Right now, I'm alternately trying to write the next installment of "Messias" and find a new TV show to watch for tomorrow. Why is it that things that sound so brilliant in your head always seem to be so difficult on paper?
I'm going to need all the luck I can get XD Thank you ♥

That's the problem with writing, isn't it? You can see things so clearly in your head, but words seem so limiting in comparison. All I can say is good luck! I hope you figure out something soon :P I'm not sure what kind of tv shows you like/have tried, or I'd suggest something.
eh, I'm up for just about anything TV wise. It just has to capture my interest. I tried watching Ugly Betty this morning, couldn't get past the first 10 min, then tried a Korean soap called Coffehouse Princes, lasted through 2 episodes of those, and then found New Amsterdam and latched onto that. Based off a quick Hulu search, I'm going to either try John Doe or Endgame tomorrow. Probably.

As for the writing... well, sometimes when I get it on paper, I realize it's gone OoC, or takes me in a direction I don't want yet, or is just not good... and sometimes I know exactly what I want and can't seem to find the words. Le sigh.
Have you ever watched "Leverage"? I'm only in the second season, but I'm ridiculously fond of the show. I think Coffeehouse Princes is one of the Korean shows I've seen. I never finished, but I know I started it.

I'm sorry you're struggling so badly. I wish I could help :\ When you write, do you create an outline?
I tried Leverage once, but I couldn't take any of the guy's hair seriously. So I stopped.

And it's not really struggling so much as a failure to progress. I've an outline - that timeline I have for the series? I've the generalities for the series mapped out on a seperate, me-only locked timeline thru 2030 (I wish I was kidding, but I'm not). I know I need to hit points A, B, and maybe even C in this fic before I close out the season, but beyond that... It's annoying in the extreme. I think I ended up writing 20 different starts for the next chappie in Iohannes POV, a dozen or so from Rodney's, and now I've settled on Lorne's, which seems to be helping things immensely. If I can get past the rest of the fallout from Iohannes' revelation to the Taranin's that he's an Ancestor/Ancient/Alteran, I think I'll be golden. It's just a lot harder than I'd anticipated.