Castle commentary

Just finished watching S4 of Castle on Hulu. And let me just say: I'm surprised. 

I went into this season not expecting much - after all, Bones had just disapointed me - but I was very surprised. Yes, there was some corniness, but it was bearable. And the character development was actually... well, there. And let me just say, Tahmoh Penikett as something other than a clean-cut, Helo and/or Ballard like character? Both very cool and very refreshing. 

And so much better than Bones. Or Covert Affairs. ::Shudders:: 

All in all, I'm very happy with it and would rec it to anyone willing to watch it. Though it leaves me with the desire to watch Dollhouse again. Which I may just give in to. And, of course, for the inevitable Castle/Dollhouse Xover... but you can really judge the quality of a show by it's online presence and, while there's some for Castle, I've only ever found one fic in the fandom that I've enjoyed at all - and that might be pushing things a little. 

Though it has at least inspired me on "Messias," which is good, because I was about to go nuts or something trying to write the next installment. (Though let me just say: unrequitted love? It's getting real old on TV shows. Can't we just have two people fall madly in love with each other and, IDK, actually have them get together in 1 season or something for once?)

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I love Castle. It's one of those shows I love but feel no drive to read fic for, however. Same with Farscape.

YAY for Messias inspiration!