Bones commentary

So, I've still been unable to get back into ENT after SG1/SGA/BSG, so I've stopped trying for the moment and watched the last two seasons of Bones instead.

This involved Netflix for S6 and Hulu for S7, and I've got to say... if I'm paying for Hulu Plus (or, well, Mom is), why do I have to watch commercials? Granted, they're shorter and less frequent than they'd be on TV, but still. 

The commerical thing is actually the most I took away from these two seasons. They're corny and silly and far less good than the first two, and, frankly, by this point I could hardly care less about the Booth/Bones thing. In fact, I almost hate how they go from more-or-less-friends who had a single 1 night stand at the end of S6 to a more-or-less happy couple at the start of S7. Actually, I take that back. I do hate it. The whole thing was badly handled, the tornado episode jumped the shark completely, and I hate the new intern who took the place of Vincent (who I loved, not just for his accent) because I cannot for the life of me bear a likable character with an NC accent. I just can't. 

All in all? I only watched 'cause I was bored, will probably never watch again, but will probably still watch S8 when it comes out because I kinda want to know what happens. I'm disgusted even in myself. 

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I have Bones season 1, but I keep waffling about whether or not I want to watch it. I hear good things (at least about the beginning of the show), but the urge to watch just...isn't there.
It's like House: the first few seasons are good, and then you just stop caring. Honestly, I wouldn't have watched it if I honestly wasn't so bored that it was either that or Korean soap operas again.

Mostly? Once they hit the end of the Gormogon story arc, things go downhill fast. The S4 finale is just awful - and it only gets worse from there. In S7 Booth and Bone's baby is born in a barn - after the owner of an inn turns them away. And it's just so... Frankly, there were many times I cried out "Pain! So much pain!" (which is my usual response to absurd amounts of corniness that go above and beyond the call of hollywood), but it was something I'd not seen before, so... ::shrugs::

Yeah. Definate self-loathiing for it though.
That's a good description :P I used to watch Korean dramas - or whatever is they call the live action version of certain manga/anime.

I was thinking I'd maybe watch the first two seasons or so - once I find time, though. I'm kind of swamped at the moment.
Yeah. I really do like the first 2 seasons. And I am, of course, a big fan of David Boreanaz from Buffy and Angel, but... IDK. The whole will they/won't they thing can only go on for so long before you lose interest altogeter.

Though even at it's worst, Bones is infinately better than Covert Affiars. ::sighs:: I had such hope for that show too.

Swamped? How so?