More Tales From Hicktown, USA

I had to get gas for my car today. As the only real gas station in town is one of those gas station/McDonalds combos you sometimes see, I got to watch the treat of one of my fellow townsmen drive his riding lawnmower (with minature trailer attached) thru the drive through of the McDonalds as I refueled my car. 

I've seen said riding lawnmower parked (in the no loading zone) in front of the grocery store before, but this is the first time I've actually ever seen it's driver take it thru the drive through before. It was an experience, to say the least.
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I've occasionally seen him ride with a passenger too. ::shakes head:: I know people gotta do what they've gotta do, but there's gotta be a law against that.
I actually get the impression his license was revoked - possibly for DUI, considering all my previous encounters with him have involved him buying cheap beer - but IDK for sure. Dad might know... how he knows all the town gossip without actually living in town anymore is beyond me
Ah, yeah - your guess makes sense, given your encounters. Haha, maybe your dad has ~connections? People who call him and tell him what's up.
Wow. When we did one of our law sections the instructor showed us a video of this guy in Mississippi getting arrested for driving his riding lawnmower down the road with about ten or twelve Wal-Mart shopping carts lashed together, each filled with cases of beer, and he was imbibing one one the road. It was both disgusting and hilarious. So at least your town isn't that bad, right?
True. I've yet to see him imbibe while driving, or lash more than one trailor to his lawnmower, but still. I worry. I worry so much for humanity after incidents such as these.
Yeah, me too. It's hard to believe we became the dominant species with specimens such as this around. ::shakes head in bemusement::
I think it's the law of averages: there are more people around now than ever before, so there are more idiots. Plus, whereas in the past stupidity = death, now... well, you know
I've always said modern medicine is going to be the downfall of our species. Whether it's allowing dangerous recessives to be passed on or saving idiots from themselves time and again, you're right; Darwin awards are not nearly as easy to give these days.
yeah. I mean, I honestly believe that everyone deserves the best health care possible, indicriminately, but... I dunno. Once you start caveating that, you get into eugenics and, honestly, what right does anybody have to play god by deciding who is or isn't "worthy" of healthcare.
Absolutely. It is worth noting, however, that in many cases kids are born with congenital defects that medicine helps them survive to pass on to their kids, when before that wouldn't have happened. Neither good nor bad, in the scheme of things, but there it is. Now, if only we could get everyone else to realise that basic healthcare is a right, we'd be somewhere!