A Touch of RL

So, the former cheif of police for my little town got arrested for embezzeling from the ctiy today - something like a quarter of a million dollars. His wife also got arrested today for embezzeling seventy five hundred thousand dollars from her place of business. 

Outrage is also sparking over plans to build a Boganles in town - apparently the proposed site is too close to the veterans memorial, nevermind it will still be farther away from said memorial than the social security office currently is. 

Oh, rural North Carolina. How I will not miss you when I'm gone.
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Heh, it's not much better in big city NC, either; the screw-ups are just on a larger scale, it seems. We're probably going to look very stupid in September during the convention, because you know this state doesn't know how to do big stuff like that right. ::sigh:: Why oh why is this place full of bumpkins?

Man, how close are they planning to put the Bojangles to the monument? Sounds like a stupid thing to object to, if you ask me. Small-town politics. ::eyeroll::
I think the parking lot will be within 100' of the monument. As the social security office is within 25', I don't think it's that big of a deal. But then again, what do I know?

::snaps fingers:: And here I'd been guessing all this time you were Raliegh, not Charlotte. I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run, but I like to think my powers of deduction are better than that. I'm equally as far away from both of them, so....
Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fuss over nothing.

Well, technically I'm in Concord, just northeast of Charlotte, but close enough. Hmm, I was guessing you were out towards Winston-Salem or something; I'm less familiar with the smaller towns out that way.
I went to HS in Winston-Salem, so that might be that. No, I live in this po-dunk down called Carthage which is only memorable because there was a shooting at one of the nursing homes a few years back that made national news. It's and hour-and-a-half away from anything and everything.

But I know exactly where Concord is. On the rare occasions I make it down to Charlotte, I have to drive right through it to get there.
Oh, yeah, I remember that shooting from the news; sorry to say that's definitely the only time I've ever heard of y'all.

You mean to say you've never seen our main attraction here, the biggest tourist trap attraction in the state--Concord Mills Mall? Yeah. I grew up outside of Atlanta, so this is still pretty middle of nowhere for us.
I hate malls. I lothe them with a passion. They make me jittery and nervous. I have to go up to the Cary mall to see my recruter once a week, but I still haven't been able to get over the sense of unease that the mall gives me.

So, no, never been to Concord Mills. I went to the Six Flags in the area in middle school and have been to the Filmore for a couple concerts - oh, and my job training for my first job was down that way - but mostly we go up to Raliegh if we need anything major. It's the same distance, but once we get on the highway, it's actually shorter to reach/
I'm not a huge fan of malls, and the Mills is just tacky beyond belief. What makes me nervous is being in Trader Joe's on the weekend. That store is tiny, with all those people in it, I get situational claustrophobia.
I like the store, but there are way too many people in it on Saturdays. I always feel like I'm going to run into someone, which is sort of where my claustrophobia comes in. Aren't neuroses fun?
Holy shit, dude! That's some epic fail on the part of that town.