Nooo! [Part Deux]

So, as I mentioned the other day, SGA is no longer available for instant veiwing on Netflix. Which, as popkin16 suggested, begs the question: what qualifies as the "esential" episodes? The ones I would, if desperate enough, buy on iTunes to watch.

And god, is this a hard question. Here's what I've been able to peel it back to. Feel free to share or critique, but here are my ultimate favorite/must have/essential SGA episodes:

"The Storm"
"The Eye"
"The Defiant One"
"Hot Zone"
"The Siege, Pt1"
"The Siege, Pt2"

"The Siege, Pt3"
"Grace Under Pressure"

"Common Ground"
"McKay and Mrs. Miller"
"The Return, Pt1"
"The Return, Pt2"
"First Strike"

"Tabla Rasa"
"Be All My Sins Remember'd"

"The Daedalus Variations"
"First Contact"
"The Lost Tribe"
"The Prodigal"
"Enemy At the Gate"

This is thirty episodes - and still more than I could afford on iTunes at the moment. 30% of SGA. If pressed, I could probably pare it down some more, but this is all I can honestly manage, I think. Thoughts?

S1: I'd probably include "Underground" for season one, because the Genii are a repeated pain in the ass. But mostly because John and Rodney wander through the woods lost, bickering like a married couple. And I love the scene where they're sitting side by side talking to Cowen and completing each other's sentences XD

S2: I'd includ "Condemned", because dirty boys and collars. But I know you're not into that. And Inferno, because I think it's a fun episode - perhaps not deep or anything, but when I want to watch an SGA episode and don't feel like paying close attention, it's an episode I watch.

S3: Most of my favorite S3 episodes are more fun than they are plotty - "Echoes", "Tao of Rodney", and "The Game". They're also the McShep-y ones, which is no surprise to anyone.

S4: "Miller's Crossing" and "Midway" this time. Again for the McShep - and the latter for the Teal'c & Ronon.

S5: "The Shrine". But again, I'm looking at the Mcshep angle :P

You included a few episodes that I wouldn't include (especially in s5), but for the most part you chose the same ones I would :P
::facepalm:: how could I forget "Underground"? Yep, that goes on the list.

"Condemned," while containing moments of hotness, isn't one of my fav - though I agree with you on "Inferno." I like it, though I tend to get angry at the boys for "using" Norina like that in their arguement.

Agree with you on S3 - I like those episodes a lot, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I couldn't see them again. Except for maybe "The Game." That one I never really cared for for some odd reason.

Hmmm... I teeter with "Miller's Crossing" - I don't particuarly care for how Jeannie treats Rodney in it, but the end *is* fery good. And, just no to "Midway."

As for "The Shrine," well, if it didn't remind me of so many RL issues, I'd include it as well. But that's a personal thing.

Which do disagree with? (I ask for curiosities sake alone. I was looking up "ship-to-ship warfare" for something for the next installment and somehow found myself drawn into a link to fandom shipping wars... and am feeling sensitive to other people's feelings right now. So I hedge this question with hugs and cookies)

I could probably do without Condemned, as long as I had internet to look at screen captures from it. Yeah, their treatment of Norina was terrible, I really hope neither "got the girl", so to speak.

I really only like "The Game" because it's the first indication we get that John and Rodney spend their downtime together - alone :P I mean, Elizabeth didn't even know about the meetings XD And then there's Lorne and Zelenka, and the TAC vest pulling...But I adore "Echoes", even if it's an extremely ridiculous plot episode.

Oh, wow - yeah, I have the same issues with "Miller's Crossing". I like Jeannie, but she can be pretty cruel to Rodney. But the John/Rodney bits are just so amazing.

Ah, yeah - I seem to remember you mentioning the RL issues connected to "The Shrine".

Well, I probably wouldn't have chosen "McKay & Mrs Miller". I don't care for Rod, tbh, and the scene where the team is laughing at Rodney's childhood bullying pisses me off like nothing else. It's one of the few scenes where I'd like to commit acts of violence upon the team. The scenes that I do like - John telling Rodney he's needed on Earth (he's thrusting his belly out!), John wondering what "Mer" was about, Rodney talking to John about how he thinks Jeannie likes Rod better (or however that went), and then finally John showing Jeannie the video from s1 - well, those are too short/few for me to like the episode overall.

And I wouldn't have chosen "Infection", mostly because I think it says it all that I can't remember what even happens in it.
I don't think either of them "got the girl" - or even really wanted to - but their treatment of Norina in "Inferno" was pretty jack-assery, even for them.

The Lorne/Zelenka and vest-pulling in "The Game" are really the best parts. And, while I love "Echoes"... well, if I was on a budget and could only afford 1/3rd the series, I could do without it if I had to.

Ditto for everything for "Miller's Crossing" - though now I'm aching to write the "McKay and Mrs. Miller" fic for the AJ 'verse. Le sigh. I hate Rod too - I actually usually stop watching right before he shows up and move on the next episode - but all the parts you mentioned... (Which is why, in my version, I think there will be no Rod. No Rod at all, thank you very much)

I love "Infection" because of the way John and Todd interact in it - it's the one where Todd uses the retrovirus on his crew and his ship crash lands in the ocean - especially the part where John's all growly and says, "I don't owe you anything," and ::fans self:: But I always did love Todd.
The Lorne/Zelenka and vest-pulling in "The Game" are really the best parts. And, while I love "Echoes"... well, if I was on a budget and could only afford 1/3rd the series, I could do without it if I had to.

They're my favorite parts, that's for sure :P I"m not sure I could choose only a third of SGA. So difficult!

I confess to looking forward to your "McKay & Mrs Miller" fic for the AJ 'verse, especially now that I know there's going to be no Rod. And I can't see you including that scene where the Team laughs at Rodney being bullied.

I like Todd, but I'm not a huge fan? I know fandom loves him, but all the Todd/John fics have kind of scarred me. But yeah, I like Todd, and I love growly!John. Unf.
Definatley not. Let's just say I've found a way to work in a lot of different thing I've been wanting to do into that fic - at least, should, as soon as I get to it - but there will be no Rod. Definately.

Choosing only 1/3rd is hard. Which I why I'd prefer not to do it.

John/Todd fics would scar anyone, I think. ::sudders at mere thought::
Ooo, that just makes me even more eager to get to it :P Though I'm curious about how you'll handle a lot of episodes, not just that one.

*nod* Yeah, I'd prefer not to do it too. Do you have the DVDs?

John/Todd fics are the reason why I double check the listed pairings and warnings in fics. I've accidentally stumbled on them enough to be horrified even when I read John/human!Todd in AU fics (that are eventually McShep).
well, handingly "Inferno" and "Allies" has been tougher than I thought, so who knows how it will really go.

I don't have the DVDs. I was reliant soley on Netflix for my SGA. I'm going to see if I can get mom to take pity on me and give me some iTunes money. $25 dollars mightn't get me very much, but it'll get me a few of my favs, at least.

::shudders: There is no way, no shape, no form in which John/Todd can be made to work. Not if they were both Wraith, or both human, or anything...

::contemplates idea of John as Wraith...:: I think I've managed to scar myself now.
Hm ... you say $ 25 might not get you much.

If you hop over to amazon, there are used DVD-sets available for relatively small sums. Perhaps that's an option worth to think about?

A few examples:

Complete series (seasons 1-5) used for $45,99.

Complete season 5 used for 11,63.

Complete season 4 for 7,18.

Complete season 3 for 4,87.

Complete season 2 for 5,73.

You can also buy episodes (online, I think) for 1,99.

And they offer so called "Prime Instant Videos" for 0,00 - which means, amazon prime members can watch them as streaming videos without having to pay for it.

A year's fee for the prime membership is 79,00 - about 6,00 a month. BUT - you can sign up for a free trial with the full benefits and cancel it later. It's easy, I've done it myself before.

Just a few possibilities how to spend those $ 25,00 and possibly getting more out of it. :-)

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true. I'd thought of the dvds, but 80% of the time I watch SGa on my iPod, in times and places it would be difficult, if not impossible, to watch on dvd. which is a shame, as it is the better option in many ways. I'll have to look into amazon prime and see if I could use that on my iPod though. Thanks!
Hopefully after this difficult pass the next few episodes will be easier.

Oh, I didn't know that. That makes the removal of SGA from Netflix even more heartbreaking. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your mom takes pity on you, in that case. And some is better than none, y/y? Of course, there's always streaming sites...

John/Todd in any form freaks me out, whether or not he's human. I just...I just can't, with the wraith and sex. Never the twain shall meet, and all that.

I know my friend hoktauri has started a fic where the Wraith, in an attempt to get the ATA gene, steal some of Sheppard's DNA and create this Wraith-human hybrid baby. I gotta say, that idea makes me uncomfortable too. Mostly because the wraith eat people, and mixing that with something like a kind of freaks me out.
yeah, I've seen that fic too. It freaks me out for the same reason. In fact, most everything with the Wraith freaks me out, except when they're being cool, Machiavellian enemies. Then they're cool and freaky.

There was pity, but it was in the form of groceries rather than iTunes, which is probably better in the long run, but still. I shall gave to find some $$ soon for these things, or I shall grow very sad.
I bought all 5 seasons second hand from Amazon market place over 3 months and each box set didn't cost me more than £12 / $18.

Perhaps it would be cheaper to look on Amazon I don't know how much each would cost on iTunes but you also get all the extras like the behind the sceens documentaries and interviews

yeah.... i want all the extras, but my problem is that a) the parents canceled the po box, so all my mail is routed to their house and, well, difficult to get and b) I usually watch SGA on my iPod, at times when it would be difficult to use a dvd player...

le sigh. Netflix is evil sometimes