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So I've been taking a break from my SyFy rewatch (I'm just unable to get back into Star Trek after Stargate and BSG) to watch The Tudors. And I've just finished the series.

It takes a great many liberties with history, and has perhaps more sex scenes than even the situation requires, but... it is good. Beautiful costumes, outstanding acting, and some wonderful dialogue in parts. I admit to something of a fascination with Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn - both in RL and the actresses who played them - because their story, I feel, is truly the interesting one. After that, well, the story gets repetitive after so many wives. 

I sometimes wonder ('cause I wonder about things like this) what would have happened if Catherine of Aragon had simply stepped aside. Or if Anne Boleyn had produced a son. Or if Jane Seymour had lived? Or Mary been able to marry before she was crowned and have a life of her own?  Or any number of things, really (the most odd being, in some of the BDSM SGA 'verses I've read, how Henry VIII's reign would've gone down within them, but that's really neither here nor there).

It's absolutely insane to think how much one man's desire for a son - or, indeed, his desire for one particular woman - could change the world so drastically. For if Henry had not wanted to marry Anne so badly, would he have ever turned to protestantism? And, if he had not, would it have ever gained such a foothold in England? And, if it hadn't, how differently the world would have turned out. For then there would have been no English Civil War, for either lack of Catholic king ruling protestant England or the Tudor dynasty having survived. Then those English settlers who came to the new world would not have been protestants seeking perscution - or, if they were, not in so great numbers - and the ideas that built the United States - if it existed at all - would have been so very different than the Puritan ones that are at the heart of much of American society. 

But as for the show. Which, again, was lax in it's history in many ways, but surprisingly true to the feel of it. There are parts of it that were so sad as to make me weep - mainly, the S2 finale, ie Anne Bolyen's execution, which was so well done it is above reproach; and Thomas More's as well (on a side note, read Utopia, his most famous work. If you disregard some of the frankly bizzare in it, is quite beauitful). And the actress who played Mary Tudor as a teenager/adult... she is fantasic, and I so want to see her in other things.

Though I must admit that, if I didn't have such a love of history, particularly Tudor England, I probably would've stopped after S2, 'cause it really does get tedious after that - though even S2 wasn't so brilliant as S1. The series lost something with the deaths of Catherine of Aragon and Anne Bolyen, but such is history, so what could anyone do? (Though, on a side note, one of my coworkers from ages ago used to share my love with the series while S1 was running and didn't realize it was based on historical fact, and after I talked to her about the dynasty she asked where I was getting my spoilers. ::facepalm::) 

Still, it's worth watching, if at least once. 
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...didn't realize it was based on historical fact, and after I talked to her about the dynasty she asked where I was getting my spoilers.

Oh, Jesus. Though I love history, so I'm probably not one to talk XD

I'm tempted to watch at least the first two seasons :P Though I've never had much fascination with Anne Bolyen, but mostly because the fact that she slept with the same man her sister did hits my squick. Especially if there are sex scenes, since I'll be helpless against the thought "THAT IS THE SAME DICK YOUR SISTER TOUCHED EW".
She waa a special one, that coworker. She once was involved in a car chase of sorts with her husband - IDK the details, I only heard about it afterwards - and ended up driving to the store we were both working at in attempt to hide from her husband's wrath. It didn't work so well and the police had to be called. Which, I guess, is generally what happens when your husband find out about your affiar when you're 5 months pregnant with God-knows-whose child.

And, yeah, there's major squick in that regard. But Henry pretty much slept with everybody. For instance, his 5th wife, Catherine Howard, was a 1st cousin of Anne Bolyen's and between 16 and 19 at the time of their marriage. (Catherine Willoburry, the Duke of Suffolk's 4th wife, is depicted as being 17 at the time of their marriage. In reality, he was 13. He was 49.)

In fact, from the way the series makes it out, the entire court could be connected by a BSG-esque sex tree. Several times over.
Wow. Yeah, special is a good way to describe that co-worker. Wow. I don't understand, did he not know she was pregnant? Or maybe he thought it was his, and then the affair came out and...IDK.

So basically Henry screwed anything that moved - that sounds about right. He was really making his way through that one family, though, damn. Two sisters, a cousin...ew, thirteen years of age. That's not even. I mean, they don't even look like an adult. Seventeen is one thing, but thirteen, jesus.
the husband knew she was pregnant, and, from what I understand, the affair probably started after she already knew she was pregnant. But still. Major wow.

and, not to condone any of it, but that was the way it was done back then. it wasn't pretty or nice or fair, but... ::shudders:: I'm glad I live in these times.

Le sigh.
Ah. Yeah, that's still really something *shakes head*

I'm very glad I live in these times, as well. I couldn't imagine!