Stargate: Atlantis Is no longer available instantly on Netflix. I think I may weep.
I know. The horror is unimaginable. Now I have to by the episodes, and I don't have that kind of money. ::weeps::
IKR? You'd think they'd want the episodes out there, drumming up interest and all of that, rather than locked away for only people with money to watch, but maybe that's just me...

SG1 is going down too. But hopefully Netflix will be able to negotiate new contracts and bring them back sooner than later.
::sobs uncontrollably:: Why do they do this to us? You'd think that they'd rather have their product in online syndication than not.

This may have ruined my whole day.
Dammit! I always loved being able to watch it whenever I wanted without having to dig out DVDs. :(
IKR? I do most of my watching on the tredmill... which makes doing it on an iPod or such a lot easier than something with a DVD player... that is, even if I had the DVDs... ::continues weeping::
I hear they were planning on taking Stargate SG-1 off too - that's how I was planning to continue the show. Back to hoping any torrents I find are still seeding...
I've had a pretty shitty day (I've had a headache that's resisted most treatment, including medication and very hot showers), but this is like icing on the cake. They don't have Leverage, they've most likely gotten ride of SG-1 -- ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT ME, NETFLIX?
I've had some pretty bad cramps all day... then the moment I try to go to bed, I get hit with an idea for the next installment, spent an hour writing a 1k for it, then tried to go to bed again and, well, it's just not happening.

le sigh. but I ::did:: write a ficlet for one of the McShep Match comment contest winners - in under an hour, I might add, so that's something at least. Though I miss SGA already.
Ugh, cramps. I had been wondering why you were still awake - and isn't that just the way it goes? Sorry you can't sleep, though.

Hey, that's something! At least you know it's not a problem with your writing. I miss SGA too :P Maybe you could make a list of favorite episodes and do a tiny marathon?
well, i slept to 10 am today, so that's part of it. the rest is... idk.

I might do that. but, again, no $$$, so I'll wait until I can con an itunes giftcard out of my mom. she's coming down fri, so it shouldn't be too hard.