Reason #435 Why I Hate The South

I had a DEP meeting in the Big City today. The meeting itself wasn't bad so much as the sight that I saw when it was finally time to begin my 90 min drive back: 

Which is to say that, as I was getting on the highway, there was an old, beaten up car with a sunroof behind me. And through this sunroof the passenger was holding up a professional-looking sign on a stick saying Job Killer - with the "O" being replaced by that symbol Obama uses in his campain. 

Now, people are free to hold whatever opinions they want, but what - honestly, just what - would compell anybody to express that opinion through a car's sunroof on the highway at rush hour when it's getting ready to start pouring down in buckets? Honestly, what? Why? Is a bumper sticker not enough? Is your hatred that strong that you want to kill - or, at least, risk killing - all those you distract with your sign? 

::Shakes head:: 
Well, sure, because then he could blame that on the President, too, dontcha know. And this is not exclusive to the South by any means, unfortunately.
yes, but only would someone in the south think to protest by sticking a sign designed for their front lawn through the sunroof of their car and *hold it there* for at least 10 minutes of traffic.
There was a house down the street from our neighbourhood that sported a giant sign (like, three feet by four feet, maybe) in their lawn during one of the Grand No Party primaries earlier. That had to be against zoning regs. Thankfully, the guy lost, so at least the sign came down. I'm so sick of this country.
Oh, I love this country. I just dislike some of the people in it.

I know what you mean about the signs, though. There are tonnes near where I live. There's one that went up recently that I keep meaning to take a picture of that says something along the lines of:

Why try to save europe? Socailism is the work of the devil. Trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result is a sign of insanity."


I really want to know if they ::meant:: to take the quote from Eistein, or if it was just a coinsidence.
They probably never knew where the quote came from. Of course, the ironic thing is that they're all for the same methods that got us into this mess for the last eight years. ::shakes head::

I'm tired of most of the people in this country; if it were only a few, we wouldn't be in this mess because they'd be in the minority.