The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 63

Day 63 / 197 Days Until I Ship

To be honest? A couple days ago was "Strange New World" thru "Civilization."

And the only redeeming episode was "The Andorian Incident," which introduces ::drumroll:: the Andorians. And the Andorian/Vulcan tensions. And Shran, who is my favourite minor character in the series... Though Soval comes a close second. 

I've come to the realization on two things so far in my rewatch. Beyond the fact that ST is hopelessly mired in the optimism of the 60s, as well as it's lighting and camera angles. One is that: none of the Star Trek series actually get ::good:: until things start to go dark - ie, the Borg, the Xindi War, the Dominion War. And, two, that I may well have grown out of Star Trek. 

Mom's always said that SyFy is escapism, which I can see, and if that's why you're watching it, than ST is perfect for that. But I've always veiwed it as (to quote SG1's "200"):
Science Fiction is an existential metaphor that allows us to tell stories about the human condition. Isaac Asmiov one said, "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to blinded critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crutial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."
Which is probably why I enjoy the hard syfys and space operas - Revelation Space, The Foundation Trilogy, Cyteen and Regenisis - fa more than she does. Which isn't to say ST does that on some degree as well - TOS' "Where No Man Has Gone Before" comes immediately to mind, as does DS9's "In The Pale Moonlight" - but not as much. As I've said, humans almost always win and/or are proven right in ST. In SG1/SGA we're still the newcomers on the block, getting our feet wet, and in BSG... well, the whole thing is a bloody metaphor.

But back to ENT. In that "Unexpected" should never have been even considered a good idea, "Breaking the Ice" was more than marginal, and the rest was just dull. Though I do find myself watching Reed more this time around, mostly because of his lovely British accent. Le sigh. 

Been working on and off on a new puzzle, and posting for the McShep Match started today, so... whoot?
I use all of fandom as escapism. I like setting my problems aside and watching fictional characters deal with crazy situations. It's a break :P

I may give Star Trek: ENT a try, but TOS was so over the top dramatic that I just couldn't sink into it. But I do love that science fiction makes fans take a look at themselves and humanity as a whole. Sometimes it's painful, but we need to acknowledge these issues.
true. so very true. just be warned, though, if you try ENT, it really doesn't get good until S3. Le sigh.

And I've deleted everything I've written for "Messias" again today. It's very much not going well.
Out of them all, ENT has the greatest chance of getting me to like it. But I'll keep that in mind.

Oh no >.< That sucks. This one is really giving you trouble!
i know. idk why that is. I get a good idea, I start on it, and then... IDK. maybe it's not meant to be this one and I should just move on to the finale. I don't really want ot do that, as it owuld change a lot of things, but....

But ENT is really good... once you get inot S3. Though DS9's not so bad itself, once you get into S3 of it too....
Is it just the beginning that's giving you problems? This may only work for longer fics, but I have a terrible time with beginnings, so I was told I should try just writing it out and coming back to it and fixing it once I had the rest done.

I'll start with ENT and see how I feel about that, and then try DS9. Unless you strongly recommend not watching in that order.
order doesn't matter between ST franchises. Not really.

and I'm horrible - I can only write chronologically. if the begining's not good, I can't conitnue. I just keep reworking it until i find something i'm happy with.

It must have taken 200 tries, but I finally got something I liked for "Messias" the day before last, and I've almost 2K into writing it. I probably have 3K more to go - unless I start getting wordy again - but at least it's on it's way.
That's good to know.

Ahhh. Yeah, I'm the same way - I have to write chronologically. Though I can just get through the beginning and then go back and fix it at the end. I just have to have something down.

I know in your other comment you said you were having problems again - surely not with the beginning again?
no, not with be begining. the middle. but I think I've fixed that now. had to nix some things I wanted to do because I realized my problem wasn't that I didn't *like* it but because it was more out-of-character than I was comfortable with, but hopefully I'll have it finished soon.
Well that's good news! I'm sorry you had to nix some things you wanted to do, but sometimes it has to be done.
I think I'll be able to save one part of it, but I'm not sure. defends how things work out. I have to go to the Big City again today, so who knows how much writing I'll actually get done.