Alien commentary

So, not that long ago I saw Prometheus, so, having never seen Alien, I went and tracked it down in a used movie store.

I finally got around to watching it today, mostly because I couldn't take anymore ENT, tried and hated Caprica, and couldn't find anything on Netflix I felt like watching. (Yes, it was one of those kind of days.) And let me just say it outright: I'm disapointed. 

Granted, I get that this movie is older than I am. But I've seen SyFy movies older than my *parents* that have better graphics. And storylines. And, well, anything. Maybe it's cause I saw Prometheus first, but mostly it seems like a cheap copy. Which is riddiculus, as it came well before, but it does. And, frankly, the only thing scary about it was when somebody started screaming after I'd started to tune it out in favour of working on the sky in my most current puzzle - and only because I was surprised, not actually scared. 

But what can you do? All I know is that expected more and, like always, failed to get it. Le sigh. This one's definately going back to the used DVD store. 

At least McShep Match postings start tomorrow. 

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I grew up watching the Alien movies :P Haven't seen Prometheus, yet.

Prometheus is by far better, plot and graphics wise, in my opinion.

And, yeah. tomorrow is Aug 1, I'm fairly sure, so that's when posting starts. I'm anxious to see how people like my fic. The mods seemed to enjoy it, so... *twiddles thumbs nervously*
This is the best news I've heard all week. I'M SO EXCITED :D :D :D And I'm sure your fic will be well received, bb. I don't think you've ever written anything bad. Er, for SGA, at any rate.
::grins:: I like how you phrased that, but thanks.

And it truely is exciting news. All the new fic to enjoy... (In case you haven't noticed, today's been a bit of a rut for me.)
Haha, you're welcome :P I was going to say you've never written anything bad, and then I realized that you may have written some bad stuff back when you first started...and then realized that even so, I was in no place to judge, given I've only read your SGA stuff.

I'm already counting down until tomorrow. I don't know when posting starts, but either way there will be new McShep fic to read! asj;dkfa (I have noticed your rut, yes. I HATE those days)
well, you're welcome to read my other stuff - links to everything I've ever posted are to the right - but, yeah. There are days when I hate everything I've ever written, and others when I think I'm a writing god. But it's good to hear it from someone else every now and then.

IDK when they'll post the first fics, only that it's sometime tomorrow. I wonder what order they'll do it in - we had some wonderful prompts this year, and I actually got my first pick, so....

Ruts are awful. But I think I've found a begining for "Messias" I like enough to keep. It's annoying, in away, 'cause I was trying for more humour than I ususally get, but I guess that's just not going to happen.
I've been tempted to go through and read your other stuff. One of these days I'll have to do that. But yeah, you're a really good writer. I'm envious :P

I think last time they posted late at night (for me). But either way, I'll have something to read tomorrow night when I get online.

Hmm. Well, at least you've got something you like well enough, even if it doesn't have as much humor as you'd hoped for. Maybe you'll manage more humor later on?
maybe. idk. I usually try for funny and end up with, well, the stuff I usually end up with.

::grins:: I'd say I'm sorry to make you envious... but I'm not. So I won't.

I don't remember when they posted last time. But hopefully it'll be soon because, as aboved stated, there is a rut, and I am in it, and new fic should help it.
I like the stuff you end up with :D I like the mix of humor and such you bring :D

LOL I figured as much. I'd feel the same way!

It'd be nice if they had new fic waiting for you when you next log in XD
Yeah. It seems that whenever I intentionally try to be funny, it never quite works out. All of the humour that I end up with is usually unintentional.

They've not posted yet... but I've got 15min til local midnight, so... Maybe then. ::sighs::
eh, i am, more or less. there haven't been any I'm really completely thrilled with, but they've all be very good.
I really liked the Steampunk AU. But I'm so far behind in my reading, I got addicted to vlogbrothers videos tonight, spent two hours watching.
the steampunk au was pretty good when I got past the stampunk - it's not my favourite au, to be honest - but some of the other ones...IDK. I wasn't particularly pleased with either of yesterdays selections. But that's just me. They're the type of thing i don't think i'd have read if they weren't in the Match.

Though I did really like the offerings for "bat out of hell." Those were both excellent.

enjoy your videos.
I've still got one long AU to read, but I keep getting swamped under new McShep fic the next day lol I like Steampunk AU's, but I wouldn't say they're a favorite AU of mine. Now, fantasy AU's, I love those.

"Bat out of hell" was good, yes.

Haha, I did. I was smart enough not to start watching any tonight.
did you see hokturi has this idea for a Moulin Rouge AU? I don't know whether to excited or worried.
I confess I haven't seen Moulin Rouge. I haven't seen a lot of the classics, or the famous films, actually. I grew up watching horror movies, mainly, mixed in with Disney. In fact, just this year I saw all the John Hughes movies for the first time.
i have no idea who John Huges even is. But Moulin Rouge is wonderful. A tear-jerker, but wonderful