The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 62

Day 62 / 200 Days Until I Ship

Today was Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and Star Trek: Enterprise's "Broken Bow" and "Fight or Flight."

I did not set out to watch The Plan. It was not on my list. It was not intended. I looked online for it, but was reduced to buying it just so I could watch it because it ended up being almost exactly what I wanted. Not exactly - I still want a fic wherein the final five know who they are from the beginning and may well end up writing one - but close. Granted, there are parts of it that watch like bad fanfic - someone slicing together scenes from all over the place to make up a coherant story, but... 

It was amazing. It was beautiful. It was almost exactly what I wanted and explained so very much that the series never bothered with. I love the whole love outlasts death theme that kept on being repeated. It was beautiful, though the whole nobody ever really changes bit was a little worrying, if probably true. 

But ENT....

Let me start by saying that ENT is one of my favourite Treks. DS9 only holds a closer place in my heart because of the uberdark Dominon War arc it takes on after S3. But I love ENT. Mom and I watched the pilot together (recently; I never actually saw any of the episodes, for any Trek, before they were in syndication, but such is the nature of the beast) and we had this huge discussion about how ENT is the perfect bridge between Now and TOS, and how it shows us struggling to get to our feet, and how it's beautiful and would only be better if maybe a) the writers had gotten the idea for story arcs before S3 and b) the Trip/T'Pol thing was a bit more realistic and, IDK, stable. But the writers had promised that for S5... (though they also said she'd be revealed to be half-Romulan in S5, and that there might have been a musical episode, so maybe it's all for the better it ended where it did). 

But... But I watched the first two episodes and couldn't stop giggling. And IDK why. Granted, everyone (Trinner especially) looks so very young, and Archer can be a bit... posturing at time, and T'Pol's outfit is just insane except for the the part where it actually is better than anything they put Troi in... But I couldn't stop laughing. And it's taken me much of the day to figure out why:

Stargate ruined me for Star Trek. Battlestar Galactica too, but mostly SG1 and SGA. 

I kinda hate this too. I mean, I love Star Trek. It is my first SyFy love. And yet I can't watch the episodes without thinking how canned and trite and just riddiculus they all are. I mean... at least in SG1 (which, to some degree is the most similiar, in that it's early seasons are also the tale of humanity getting it's feet wet in the galaxy) there are consequences for their actions... and aliens that might well be gods, they're so superior, and, oh, IDK, moral ambiguity. But with ENT I just look at see something that's forcing upon us the idea that humans are always right. Period. Nevermind the fact they're new to the galactic scene and all that, they're always right. Always. Which is why they dominate the Federation when it comes about and makes T'Pol "turn" on her own people and, well, all sorts of insanity like that. 

Granted, BSG is the kind of show that exists only on the power of it's own emotion and cannot be watched without getting yourself caught up in the heat of things, and many parts of SG1 (and, yes, SGA too) are equally as camp, but, God... 

They've ruined me for ENT. Possibly for all of Star Trek. 

Random thoughts: 1) Still want that BSG fic, and, gods, yes, have actually committed a few hundred words of it. IDK when, if ever, I'll actually finish it, but still. God. 2) The Plan explains so much. It's kinda awful they needed a tv movie to explain so much of the series, but still. it does. 3) Hoshi is the worst atrocity committed to women in the military in, maybe, ever. And I hate my mother for pointing that out right as we were watching "Broken Bow," as that made things that much worse. 4) Archer is very scizophrenic in his writing - he changes between episodes. Mom doesn't see this, but I and most of a fandom do. I wonder if this is a side effect of his years on Quantum Leap or what. 5) ST on Facebook recently asked who'd make a good recast of Archer if they were to do the series now instead of, oh, 10 years ago. Michael Shanks' name name up a lot. I find that interesting, intriguing, and possibly very wrong. 6) Though, to continue on the Scott Bacula note, my grandmother once was secretary to his father, proving that 6 degrees of seperation really is real. 7) Top Gear has distracted me most of the last couple of days; s17 came out on Netflix, and so... yeah. 8) Trying to work on the next AJ fic. I keep on writing it, liking it, going away, and then rereading and hating everything - and thus deleting. so it's slow going.
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I've never seen any of these shows, so I'm not sure how much I'll have to say on them.

I'm sorry Stargate ruined Star Trek for you? I tried watching a couple episodes of TOS and giggled my entire way though. The acting, dear god. So dramatic.

I'm sorry you're having problems with the AJ verse. Your problem is the opposite of mine - whenever I write, I hate what I've got down, and delete it all. However, if I write and then go back to it, I can look at it somewhat objectively and I don't end up tossing everything out.
Well, first, my internet is being slow and so it's taken me 20 minutes to get the notification for these messages. Which, considering how long internet has actually been around, probably isn't that tragic, but still. I'm the only one using this bandwith. I expect it to be fast.

Second, you should really watch The Plan. It really is quite good.

Third, ENT was on air 2001-2005. It shouldn't be this corny. And it's really, really not *bad*. It's just... IDK. It's like my mind is having trouble accepting the ST world view after so much BSG and SGA.

And, 4th, I think I've got the ball rolling with #17, at last. Or, at least, I have a title. Which, admittedly, I've had ever since I got the idea for this "episode", but still. That's something. I think my problem is that I've been looking forward to writing this one. The one's I've been looking forward to seem to be the most difficult.
My internets been slow for the past couple of days, too. Ever since my battery died. The power cord keeps coming lose from the computer and my computer shuts down suddenly :\ I don't think that's good for it, but until my battery comes in I can't do anything.

Hmmm. I'll check around online for it, see if I can find it.

Ah. When I think Star Trek, I think old school, I guess? But yeah, it shouldn't be that corny, then.

Doesn't it figure, the ones you most look forward to, are the ones that are most difficult?
True. so very true. I mean, i'm up to the "Inferno" rewrite and, well, god, there's no way I can explain my dificulties with it without giving everything away, except to say, God is this hard.

I looked and looked and looked online for it. I ended up having to get it from iTunes. ::facepalm::

How much longer until your battery comes?

Yeah. I don't think it's corniness that's ENT's problem though - if it was, I wouldn't have liked Stargate. I think the problem is, honestly, that it takes itself too seriously. It doesn't know when to let it's hair down.
I'm sorry it's giving you trouble, bb! You'll get everything written to your satisfaction, eventually :)

Hmmm, well. I'll see if the friend I watched BSG with has it - if she does, then that'll help a lot. I have no money to buy it, so *shrug*

August 2nd is when it arrives. I'm counting the days.

I love how Stargate balances humor with the serious. But yeah, Stargate is campy. Maybe once you watch more ENT you'll adjust?
maybe. I know once I hit the S2 finale - when the Xindi arc starts - things will be alright. But until then, it's the usual syfy insanity. Kinda like the 1st 2 seasons of SG1, only, again, more overly serious than campy.

I was desperate and don't really have the money either, but... ::shrugs::

Eventually I'll get it right. But it has a lot of expectations to live up to. For me, at least. And itself. (I'm planning to call it Messias, which means pretty much exactly what it looks like.
So it's a show where you really have to get to s2 before it hits its groove?

The price we pay for things we love...

Wow, no wonder you're struggling, if you have so many expectations for it! But I think you'll do wonderfully, really. You've handled the rest of the series with a nice touch, and you'll make it through this too.
well, the S2 finalle, at least.... (its the S3 finale for TNG, DS9, and VOY)... some thing take a while to warm up. SG1 doesn't get good until S3 either....


Thanks! Encouragement is really what I need at this point. And a couple paragraphs I don't want to immdedatly delete
Yeah, about s3 or s4 of SG1 was where I was told things start getting good.

You're welcome! Encouragement I can do, I can encourage any time you need someone :P Can't help with the couple paragraphs you don't want to immediately delete, though. All I can say is good luck!
Of SG-1 or SGA? Sadly, I'm still stuck in s4 of SG1 - I really am very slow at watching things. It doesn't help that I'm also watching two other shows, and trying to make sure I have enough time to read fic. As for SGA, I've just recently picked up my rewatch, so I'm at the beginning of s3. I just finished Irresistible, which hits my embarrassment squick. So I watched it with the commentary on and got an interesting McShep-y tidbit.
"Irresistible" is one I normally skip over too. It's just... no. And what McShepy tidbit?

As for SG1, S4 is at least the best of the seasons to be stuck on. It has so many *good* ones that hopefully you'll enjoy it there.
Yeah, Irresistible has a lot of problems with it. And the Martin Wood touched on that, about how there was controversy over the potion and what could be done with it, and how they hadn't written the storyline with any of those darker uses for a mind control potion in mind. The McShepy tidbit was toward the end, when John kidnaps Carson to get him to work on a counter-measure for the potion. I believe it was Martin that talked about how peculiar it was that John hadn't taken Rodney rather than Carson, that it makes more sense to have taken Carson, but it still felt...weird...that John would "let McKay go."

I'm loving SG1, seriously. I just watch an episode of something with a friend, then an episode of Leverage, and some nights I'm all watched out and just want to read. The next episode for me to watch is "Chain Reaction", I believe.
I'm glad you're loving SG1. The first few seasons are trying, but it really makes up for it in the end. And S4 has some of my favourite episodes ever.

And, yeah. It did feel wrong when he took Carson instead of Rodney - well, not wrong so much as strange, and its not like Rodney could've really done anything, but still. I'm glad even the producers/writers/etc acknolwege the McShep to some degree.
Lately all I've wanted to do is read, so I haven't made any progress on the SG-1 front. The first few seasons were alright - it was more sitting through episodes that were "okay", with an episode here and there that I really liked, but season 4 has been pretty awesome.

Yeah, it makes more sense for John to take Carson. I just thought it was interesting that Martin found it so odd that John didn't take Rodney too. That he "let McKay go" (his words, not mine.) I do love that they acknowledge John and Rodney had a bond, though :D
Maybe he tried to take McKay and couldn't? That he could only hold on to one "high" person at a time, because of the circumstances? (I could see that as a "missising scene" for the episode)