The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 61

Day 61 / 205 Days Until I Ship

Yesterday's - and early this morning's - episodes were "Sometimes a Great Notion" thru "Daybreak."

First let me say that "Daybreak" is possibly the most disapointing finale I've ever seen for anything, with the possible exception of ENT's "These are the Voyages," which is just so absurd that no one - not even the writers, or the writers of the cannon relaunch novels - consider it to be canon. 

It's as if the writers, in writing the last half of S4, realized: hey, now that we're allies with the cylons, we need an enemy. Granted, Cavil as the ultimate evil is very interesting, very true to form, but... IDK. The way he just shoots himself at the end is completely OoC. 

Hell, almost everything in the last half of S4 is OoC. One moment Cheif is for being human, behing the man he wants to be - the next he's letting Boomer out of jail. Caprica is suddenly in love again with Baltar, and he with her. And it's as if the writers, having kicked Lee out of the military, are using him wherever they need a political character. And the flashbacks... anything that needs to be explained by that many flashbacks needs to be rethought on a fundamental level. And don't even get me started on Starbuck as an Angel of God.


I liked the mutiny. I liked Roslin's speach during "Blood on the Scales." I even liked Anders' brain-damaged prose, though I'm annoyed by the way this "marginalized" his character, especially after having been so big a part of the first half of S4. (And is anyone else annoyed that Starbuck totally went against his wishes with the surgery, especially when he shot Gaeta for her on the Demetrius? Her double standard got really old these last two seasons. I liked her in S1 and S2, but she was almost irredeemable in my eyes by "The Eye of Jupiter."

Ditto Boomer. I feel sorry for what happened to her but, God, she burned all her bridges when she stole Hera. (Plus, the whole finale being about getting Hera back? Absurd. I stopped caring about the baby episodes ago, and I don't care if she was supposedly the face of the future. She was annoying.)

Random thoughts include: 1) Being a young child actor on a syfy show must be strange. Must lead to nightmares and madness too. 2) It's as if, now that Dee killed herself, Starbuck/Apollo is good in the writers eyes, and there's almost none of the Leoben angle after "Sometimes a Great Notion." 3) Baltar is annoying. 4) The truth about the opera house is so absurd for all the build up to it that it's just... well, IDK what it is, but it's barely worth watching. Or remembering. Or finding words for my unhappiness. 5) Seriously? Angels? That's worse than zombies. 

Hopefully, though, having finished BSG - and the Renoir puzzle I was working on during it - will allow me to finish the next installment of the AJ verse sometime soon. Hopefully. BSG may not be particuarly good, but it is very distracting. 

Tomorrow: ENT.

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The way he just shoots himself at the end is completely OoC.

I remember going WAT when Cavil shot himself.

I was totally heartbroken about Sam.

I agree with you on Boomer - by the end, I felt satisfied and pleased by her death. Though it'll be interesting to re-watch the first few seasons and see how I feel better now that I've seen the show once already.

I hate how Leoben pretty much disappeared toward the end there. But Callum Keith Rennie...
It's not just WAT, it's WTF. I mean, seriously, the only thing I can think of is that he already *had* resurrection, for which he was the only one with access, and he was cutting his losses. Plus, everyone just giving up their tech 'cause papa Adama said so? WTF x2.

Hearbroken about Sam too. Just hearbroken. And the Netflix version doesn't even tell me what happened to Chief. I had to look that up online. (The more I watch, the more I hate Starbuck, and the more I ship Sam/Chief.)

Leoben was creepy, but he was part of the storyline. And disappeared. I swear, didn't anyone tell these people that deus ex machina is not a valid story ending outside of ancient greek plays? And even then, not so much - hell, even Clouds - an ancient greek play - lampooned the idea. So WTF writers? WTF (x infinity).