The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 60

Day 60 / 206 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections were "Razor" thru "Revelations."

There are times I feel like the first half of S4 is the best of BSG. I love the whole final five hiding in the fleet, knowing who/what they are thing a lot, which is probably why I want to write a fic to this end so badly. Then there are times when I'm significantly annoyed by these episodes. Which just seem to exist, on some level, to draw out the revelation to the last possible instant.

"Razor" is a wonderful episode. I love seeing what happened to the Pegasus, even if a) I find it a bit annoying, as it's all done in flashbacks, b) on some level deeply absurd, and c) paints the one homosexual person in the entire series as a deeply amoral person, too concerned about revenge and appearances to look any deeper or, at least, have basic moral qualms. I alternately love and hate Cain, but, God, did the 6 mind-frak her too. Or something. 

"He that believeth in me" is also a wonderful episode, especially the whole bit where Tigh, Chief, and Anders decide to go about being the men they want to be until the day they die, particularly when the raider scans Sam. Ditto much of "Revelations," which is one of the best episodes in the entire series.


But I feel like it was *too* drawn out. *Too* sensationalized at times. But, then again, that is BSG for you. It's what they do. 

Random thoughts include: 1) My brother's been in town for the last couple of days; he left today. He's a very distracting person, even when he's not trying to be. 2) The next installment of the AJ 'verse is somewhat stalled, which annoys me. Once I figure out how to work this passage... well, let's just say my chronological tendencies are working to my disadvantage today. 3) Tory is basically treated as a whore by everyone around her, even before she starts cating around. Is it any wonder she's the one that snapped? 4) The Kara/Leobon thing is possibly the creepiest thing I've ever seen. 5) I love the hybrids, though. 6) Baltar's religious preaching is both intensely interesting and deeply annoying. Why the one true god *now*? Why not before? Why not later? Why at all? 7) Any religion that denies personal responsibility is intensely evil in my book. 8) Destiny is the writers' excuse for characters acting out of character. 9) I still really dislike the idea of Tory and Ellen as being members of the final five, though I'll accept Ellen as one if pushed. I'd have preferred it if the last of the five had indeed been the scrapped 7 the writers forgot about in the numbering system. 

I've decided that I'm going to watch ENT after I finish BSG. That I'll do the Star Treks in chronological rather than production order. So: ENT, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY. With the appropriate movies at the appropriate times. As I've over 200 days left and 28 seasons of ST... which comes otut to roughly 705 episodes and 11 movies. I think, if I'm doing the math right. As I went through 213 episodes of SG1 and 100 episodes of SGA, along with 8 SGU and ~75 BSG episodes episodes in two months... I'm not actually sure if this will prove to be too many or too few for the time I've left. But... Anyone willing to guess how far I'll make it is more than willing to try.

"paints the one homosexual person in the entire series as a deeply amoral person..."

What about Gaeta?

The Kara/Leobon thing is possibly the creepiest thing I've ever seen.

I would have thought that too, except I've seen Due South and I looove Callum Keith Rennie, so every time he came on screen I'd squeak and would clap like an seal.

I still really dislike the idea of Tory and Ellen as being members of the final five, though I'll accept Ellen as one if pushed.

I liked Ellen as a cylon, though that's more because cylon!Ellen was much more likeable than human!Ellen. But Tory...I just really didn't care for her. She was alright when she was just the President's aide or whatever, but when she started her cylon arc, ugh.
Gaeta's gay? I thought that was just a fandom thing. Though, if true, is also worrisome, as they blow him out of an airlock in the end.

I've never seen Due South, though I admit to finding Callum Keith Rennie attractive. It's just the whole I torture you, you torture me, then we kiss a couple times and hit each other some more thing is just... wyrd.

Cylon!Ellen is much more likable than human!Ellen. Human!Tory was much more likable than cylon!Tory. I'm thinking, if I ever do write that BSG fic, the final five will really be the final four + the 7.
I thought that was canon? And that he was in a relationship with Hoshi.

Oh, Starbuck and Leoben's relationship was weird and vastly unhealthy. I just couldn't focus on that part so much when I was too busy admiring the view ;)

I like the idea of the Final 4 plus the seven.
I've not seen it as canon, unless it's in one of the webisodes.

*shakes head* And that's how people get trapped in unhealthy relationships.

Me too.
I have a question for you or just seeking your opinion.

I read some where (blog, website?) that that person hated the idea of watching all the episodes in a season/series at once as that was not how tv shows were meant to be experienced. Which seem to me to be an odd concept.
I can understand that many shows do not have arcs or a coherent overall story line... except BSG, and maybe Dollhouse?, Bab5, Firefly, etc.

So... I would love to know if watching this many show in their entirety changes anything. Do you notice things more (details, writing, etc), do you enjoy the "show" more of less this way? Would really love your feedback/opinion.
In my opinion, watching TV shows all in a row does change the experience. Immensely. Especially with something like BSG - it is a show that moves forward almost soley on the weight of it's own emotion. The shows that I enjoyed before this rewatch I enjoy just as much, if sometimes for different reasons than before. The shows I disliked before I still dislike....

But it may also have something to do with the subject matter in question, as you said. BSG has story arcs. Many other shows don't, and when watching "monster of the week" episodes, things do tend to get tendious watching them all in a row Though on that note I should add that SGU has a very close, very tight story arc, and that it's early episodes are all very closely connected, but watching them all in a row actually made me dislike the show *more* this time around than when I watched and gave up on it the first time.

So I have to say: how I watch them really doesn't matter. It's what I'm watching.