The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 59

Day 59 / 207 Days Until I Ship

Because I'm getting lazy at this, yesterday's episodes were "The Passage" thru "Crossroads."

"The Eye of Jupiter" and "Rapture" are good episodes. The final five-related moments of "Crossroads" are amazing - particularly the end, when we learn who four of the five are. That is just amazingly amazing. Beyond amazing, even. Particularly with the way they keep seeing lines from "All Along the Watchtower" into the finale. 

The rest of these episodes though? Bad. Just bad. I couldn't even bring myself to be all that interested when Starbuck dies, mostly just because her whole angel of god thing is just so stupid that it ruins any feelings I might have about her death. Ditto that for Apollo reigning commission, and the whole will they/won't they angle that the Lee/Kara takes in this last half of things... Though I do kinda admire Sam for the way he handles things, 'cause gods know how most people would react if they found out their wife was stepping out on them like that. I've also got to admire Dualla in all of this too, and kinda actually find myself wishing that *she* had been one of the final five instead of Tory, though why I really don't know. 

"The Woman King" is also one of the stupidest things ever to be on television, and, like "Black Market," I shall pretend it doesn't exist for my own peace of mind. Though I've got to say Tahmoh Penikett does the part of the whole I'm persecuted for being right thing very well, here and in Dollhouse, though it does kinda make me wonder about his range as an actor. 

Random thoughts: 1) If Earth is the one place in the universe where you can see the symbols of the 12 colonies of Kobol as constellations, then either the nuked Earth in "Revelations" isn't it - which can't be the case, as the ships confirm it - or the Earth they settle in the finale isn't it - which can't be, as we get a glimpse of the "angels" in Times Square, and can see the constellations in the night sky. Meaning that the writers didn't think things through again. 2) If all this has happened before, why is this the one time "god" decides it doesn't have to happen again? 3) Honestly, bringing Kara back is one of the stupidest things the writers of this show ever did, and they do a lot of stupid things. 4) If human-form cylons are virtually indistinguishable from humans, even in the DNA, how are they machines? 5) The brief Sam/Tory thing we got makes even less sense than Sam/Kara, and that's saying something. Hell, I get a stronger Sam/Cheif feeling than I do from nearly all the canon relationships in the series. 6) Does it freak anyone else out that the Helo/8 relationship is the most stable in the entire series? 7) I love the final five plot line, I really do, its just I can't relaly see Tory or Ellen as cylons. 8) In fact, BSG is severely lacking in postive female characters. Every woman - and I mean every woman - in the series is portrayed as either a slut and/or a powerless cuckhold with a flimsy grip on reality. Starbuck is a powerful female character, breaking through the glass ceiling, but she is such a negative character, morally and realistically, that I'm not sure she can count as a role model. Even Roslin slept her way to the top. Which just goes to show you men cannot write women. Or something. 9) The hybrids are some of the coolest things ever though.

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Wouldn't Athena count as a positive role model? I mean, she starts her relationship with Helo badly, but after've got to be pretty clever to win the trust of the fleet, and she did.
she may be the closest thing to it, I suppose, but she gets Helo to kill her on the off chance she'll be allowed to ressurect and escape with her daughter during "The Eye of Jupiter"/"Rapture" against the good of the Fleet... and tells Helo not to bother about the Sagitarrians dring "The Woman King"... So I suppose she's best role model we have, but...
Good point. Though I'm not sure we can saw we had any fantastic male role models either. I mean, there's Papa Adama, but really, I'm not sure there are many others. Everyone made some boneheaded mistakes, some more than others, some mistakes worse than others.
Papa Adama is a good role model. If you ignore the gross OoC-ness that is "Black Market," so is Apollo.
IDK. At least you can point to some of the guys and say, "this one is *mostly* a good guy" or "this one *isn't* cheating on his spouse with everyone in sight."