The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 58

Day 58 / 206 Days Until I Ship

Because I was so exausted last night, yesterday's episodes were "Lay Down Your Burdens" thru "Unfinished Business," which brings us firmly into S3. 

First things first: "Occupation/Precipice" and "The Exodus" are some of the best SyFy I have ever seen. They are wonderfully good, solid, passionate episodes. I absolutely love Tigh's speeches in these - which are just so perfect in a way that usually only Adama's are - and the interactions between the Resistance leaders. There are absolutely no good guys in BSG in general, but particularly in these few episodes. Despite my feeling that the whole New Caprica thing was just the most stupid mistake in the history of the series, this arc almost makes up for its initial stupidity. 

Because it is stupid, the whole 1 year jump at the very end of "Lay Down Your Burdens." It's like a cheap way to cut through all of the problems of resettlement that would probably have cost them veiwers and to reset the drama button. Though the rest of these two episodes are quite wonderful. 

"Collaborators" is solid, "A Measure of Salvation" is less so, and "Hero" is just stupid - even if I do find the idea that Adama may have provoked the destruction of the colonies delicious. "Unfinished Business" is only interesting for the flashbacks, though I've got to admit that I'm so over the Lee/Kara thing by this point that I don't even really care anymore. 

Random thoughts include: 1) Again, lead by example people: If you need to repopulate the human race, *everyone* needs to repopulate the human race, especially the people at the top. 2) The sequence right after the opening credits in "Occupation" is one of the best I've ever seen in anything, all things considered, right up there with the opening of ST:XI and SGU's "Air." 3) Starbuck would never give up flying; Chief would never give up fixing vipers; Adama would never let them, so its all very out of character the former's presence on New Caprica, but what can you do? 4) The tattoos Starbuck and Sam get are amazingly cool and I would so totally get one like it if I didn't have to live in the real world. Or, you know, had someone who'd be willing to get the other half with me. [I once knew a guy online who ran an ENT site who got one half of the tattoo. I always found this odd, both given his choice of online occupations and the fact he didn't have a Significant Other who got the other half with him.] 5) Mom stopped by yesterday on her way back from dropping my sister off. It was a not fun time for all, mostly because it turned into a stich'n'bitch session, which was great because I'd just started to get over my family interaction stress and that just made it all worse. 6) Finished my Times Square puzzle at least. 7) About halfway through the next AJ verse fic, though it's more of a ficlet.

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3) Starbuck would never give up flying; Chief would never give up fixing vipers; Adama would never let them, so its all very out of character the former's presence on New Caprica, but what can you do?

That's what always got me. I couldn't see them leaving ship like so many others did.
Pretty hilarious XD

I think the Cavill/Ellen Tigh thing is pretty gross, considering their relationship.
gross, yes, but...

no, just gross. But then again, in my personal little world, neither Ellen or Tory would be a Cylon.

le sigh. I keep on trying ot start a short BSG fic, just so I can "right all the wrongs" the writers do to the series, but I keep getting caught up trying to figure out the details. I really want a fic where the final five know who/what they are before the attacks, but I can't think of a way to convincingly do that yet, so...

le sigh.
Especially since Cavill knew who Ellen was all along. I really do not like Tory, so it wouldn't bother me if she wasn't a cylon. I confess I was pleased when she died.

I think the final five knowing who they are from the beginning would change A LOT of things.
we were all pleased when Tory died, I think. And Cavil is just... demented. Ellen, at least, didn't know at the time. Which is something.

Yeah, it would change a lot of things. But my major hold up is, if I nix Tory, at least, as a cylon, who do I put in her place? Starbuck would be the natural choice, as her as an "angel of god" is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but then it's like I like the fandom theory of her being the daughter of the 7, Daniel, better... so no.

IDK. There are too many problems that I've not worked out, and, 'sides, I've the AJ verse to occupy me for the moment.