The Ancient!John 'Verse: An Aniversary

So, July 19th marked the 1 year anniversary of the post of "Pastor" and the start of the Ancient!John 'Verse, which has by now grown to such an extent that I'm embaressed to even think the word-count. I really, really wanted to do a special fic for this date - or, at least, post something new in it for you guys - but RL has made that impossible. So I figured that now that I've the chance, I'd give people the option to ask any questions they have about the 'verse here and, provided they don't spoil anything to come, answer them. If anyone wants.
Sorry, bb. I'm just going to throw questions out there and hope one is not too spoilery.

Given Rodney's obvious crush on Sam Carter, what are John's thoughts when he finds out she's taking over? (I'm assuming this will have nothing to do with any future plot.)

Has John asked about the other races the Ancient's had alliances with? (The Five Races or whatever)
eh, not your fault. it's probably mine. or maybe it's a good thing, and it means i've done a good job of explaining everything.

John knows about Sam Carter - I think I mentioned Rodney's crush on her once, but I'm sensing a drabble at some point about that now. As for when she takes over... well, as far as this 'verse goes, she'll have been married to Jack O'Neill for about three years by that point, plus with the baby and a couple other future plot points, so it won't really be an issue on that front.

As for the Alliance of the Four Races, John talked (mostly off-screen) with the Asgard about the Nox and the Furling. In this 'verse, the Milky Way replicators killed off the Nox early on in S7 of SG1 and the Furlings have been asumed dead for almost as long as the Ancients were. (On an interesting side note, I imagine the Furlings to sorta be a combination, socially, of BSG and Revelation Space, and if ever I have an excuse to mention BSG in the 'verse, I'm going to be sure to have John mention that.)
Mmm, yeah - it wouldn't be an issue once she takes over as head of Atlantis, at that point. But Rodney has carried a torch for her for so long, and it's a hardy torch at that (it survived him getting sent to Siberia and such, after all.)

Ah, yes, four races, not five. I couldn't remember. I'm not familiar with Revelation Space, I don't think. We never do get to meet the Furling in canon, do we?
we jokingly meet Ewok versions of them in "200" and see one of their abandoned settlements in "Paradise Lost: - both SG1 - but we never learn more about the Furlings than that. This is my psuedo-history for the Alliance:

The Ancients arrived in Avalon c. 65 million years ago, bringing with them 5 urbes-naves and 6 satores, or seed-ships. They sent the satores off in six different directions, to seed humanoid life in the universe in the hope of confusing the Ori if they ever were to try to follow them.
One of these satores went to the Antilla Dwarf galaxy, where the Asgard found it. The Asgard at this point had primative hyperdrive tech, but used what they found on the Ancient ship to supe up their engines. Eventually they made their way to Avalon, where they met the Ancients.
Another of these made their way to the Andromeda galaxy, where the Unfurlers, or Furlings, found it. The Furglings at this point had Apollo Program level of space-fairing tech and... well, the Ancient ship really changed their culture. Lots of tech improvements too fast. They too eventually made their way to Avalon, but not before their society had factured into groups. Some eugenically modified themselves, some mechanically augmented themselves; some did both, others did neither, either for relgious, ethical, or monetary reasons. Either way, the groups were constantly at war with each other and when the Asgard lost contact with them c. 3000 BC, they assumed that they destroyed themselves. However, because of the genetic/mechanical changes they made to their race, some of them were able to "meditate" themselves into a state where they could see the future unfurling - thus the "Unfurlers," which became "Furlings."
The Nox are from Avalon, and eventually developed to the stage where they encountered the Anceints on their own and chose to shun technology.
The Fifth Race are the Tau'ri.

But that's just my own version of events.

Honestly, IDK what to really make of Rodney's torch for Carter. To quote BBT, it's "classic overcompensaion." 'Cause there's really no other excuse.
I think I've seen gifsets of them in "200". They make me think of koalas.

Ooo, interesting history. I think I'd heard about the fraction of the Furlings - how they were at war with each other about modifying themselves and all that. Pretty interesting stuff, though - I like your version of events. SG-1 never gives us a definitive timeline of events, do they?

Yeah, I could see it being classic overcompensation. Like he's trying to make sure everyone knows he's straight. Like she's the type he's supposed to be attracted to, so he says he is loudly and often.
SG1 never really gives a history of anything. My entire timeline for the 'verse is culled from like 3 solid facts and extrapalated from there. But, yeah, I have Daniel mention it breifly in "1 march 2012," but nothing really solid. I'll have to do a fic for that too. ::sigh::

I thought of Ewoks. But, then again, Ewoks make me think of koalas, so...

It *has* to be overcompensation. Or just a way to annoy people. Or something. IDK. Not real attraction, that's for certain. At least, not past first blush.