The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 57

Day 57 / 207 Days Until I Ship

Today was "Epiphanies" thru "Downloaded."

First things first: biking the Virginia Creeper Trail was one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life. Granted, the shuttle to the trail was one of the most painful things I've ever experienced - Dad, brother, and I were all on the verge of madness listening to the people sitting behind us - and the hour and a half my brother and I had to wait at the halfway point for Mom, Dad, and sister to catch up was awful, but the trail itself was amazing and beautiful and it was the closest thing to flying you can do on the ground. 

But still I turned heel and headed for home the moment I could, so here I am, at home, with an actual bed and tonnes of BSG under my belt. 

"Epiphanies" and "Downloaded" are wonderful episodes - particularly the latter, which, beyond its obvious storytelling and ironic value, brings us the return of Sam Anders, who I've officially decided is the sole reason not to watch the rest of S2 tonight, as I want to enjoy his return. Or something. 

As for the others... "Scar" is just blah and "Black Market" is so out of character and *stupid* I've decided to pretend it doesn't exist. "Sacrifice" is only interesting in that it brings us Billy's death, which is a shame 'cause he's one of the characters I sort of loved - but that's BSG for you. And "The Captain's Hand" is good only because of the 1.5 scenes in which Kavan Smith appears. As for everything else... well, I'm waiting until I'm awake enough to enjoy them tomorrow. 

Random thoughts include: 1) 3.5 hours of driving each way (not including stops) is just madness. Espeically when I was up at the Mountain House for less than 24 hours and had to deal with my sister to boot. Oh, the trail was fun, but god... I spent most the time hiding out in the garage/"Carriage House" with my brother. Though I did get a good bit of the next AJ fic done. 2) The final count on the tickets for the Grouplove concert in NYC I won is that it's just too expensive to go up there just for one night on such sort notice when my brother (who really wants to go) can't get in, as he's too young. We're going to a Florance + the Machine concert locally in a couple weeks instead. Mom does not know yet, I don't think. 3) I just heard back from the college I applied to after my Navy contract came through: I'm off the waitlist and on for the fall semester, though it's questionable as if I'll be able to do that anymore. Or if I even want to do it. 4) The last half of S2 is just such a drag, especially when the middle part of the season is so wonderful. I love how the Cylons have a plan, but the writers of BSG obviously don't. 5) I don't see the Duwalla/Apollo thing at all. 6) I barely see the Sam/Starbuck thing either, but I must acknowledge as a warm blooded female that Michael Trucco is one of the hottest things on television today, and that whatever her name who plays Starbuck is not unattractive herself. But physical hottness does not equate stable relationship, even in tv land 6) The BSG music is so good I bought the soundtrack, for S1 at least. It's one of the few series with multiple soundtracks; I wish there were multiples for SGA too. 7) Half the amusement I get from part 2.0 of S2 is from imagining how it would go down if the final five knew what they were. 8) The god talk is starting to get to me; on this note, the half of the enjoyment I don't derivive from #7 is from thinking about what Iohannes would make of all the religion talk in this series. Which is probably a sign of madness. 9) The graphics just keep getting better and better. 

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I think they moved way too fast on the Lee/Dualla thing. It seemed to come out of nowhere? And so did the Kara/Sam stuff, though I understood the beginning - they just got to relative safety after danger, sex seems like a fine option, etc. But after that we get many episodes of Starbuck being out of sorts because she's in love with Sam and left him behind and so on - I remember wondering where it came from. They spent, what, one night together?

Billy ;____; I liked him. He wasn't an OMG favorite but...he was nice.
billy was a decent guy. a voice of reason. there are always too few of those. plus, i hate tory.

i concur. they moved way too fast for all of it. We're never given a solid reason as to why Sam is different for starbuck... or anything really. it's just all so annoying. stupid writers.