Garage Ramblings

I am sitting in my parents garage, which doubles as my bedroom when I visit my parents at the Mountain House. I have been here for 1 hour and already I'm going nuts. Too much family togetherness - I've not record from the St Louis trio yet. I cannot deal with my sister yet. Or ever. 

If you guys don't hear from me after this post, it's because I've eaten my way into a sugar-induced coma in self defense.
I can't be around anybody too much, family or no before I start craving being alone.

Good luck with the togetherness stuff.
My brother and I are sharing the garage today, because of my sister. I like my brother, but the very react he's sitting on the other end of the coach from me is pushing my limits.
Wow, your sister sounds like a real piece of work. I don't blame you for being annoyed with your brother, though :\
She is. In that she's constitutionally incapable of surviving in the real world - or even one of her own design.
My brother isn't really so bad though. It's just the enforced togetherness I hate.
How has she ended up that way? You strike me as the competent type - it's interesting that you have a sister like that.

Enforced togetherness makes things awkward.
It's a combination of mental illness and... Well, that's really about it. She's like my grandma. Nice enough in small doses, but the kind of person a you avoid like fire if you can. But it's her bday and she wanted a family dinner... So I had to drive 3.5 hours for a stupid dinner. She's the kind of person who *likes* enforced togetherness.

But I do like to think of myself as competent, so thanks. :)