The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 56

Day 56 / 209 Days Until I Ship

Today was "Scattered" trhu "Resurrection."

First thing's first: I have strong feelings about this series. I love how S1 takes place in less than two months, rather than the standard year of most series. I love how the first half of S2 takes place in one week even more. 

All that being said, the first time I watched it, I really disliked most the episodes I watched today. I thought it was too much religion, too much sensationalism. But now, knowing that I know from later on, I really found myself enjoying these episodes. I love how "Scattered" thru "Resistance" is both a wonderful retelling of Odin and his Odin-sleep and Juno's capture, which almost lead to a war amongst the Gods. I love how Baltar has both a messiah and Judas thing going on with his character. In fact, the only thing I really don't like is the Apollo/Starbuck angle, which seems trite, annoying, and unnessicary after she supposedly fell so deeply in love with Sam on Caprica. But whatever. 

I'm overjoyed to see Sam, though I must admit I didn't like his character in the least until "Occupation" the first time around. In many ways he's Apollo without the rough spots, which I guess is the point, though I found myself mostly looking for corrolaries between him and John Sheppard, as his actor is the one I've slated to play Iohannes' role in the AJ 'verse version of Pegasus X-treme, which is stupid I know, but there you go. 

I also love the direction the Chief goes in this season as well - that seen in "Fragged" where he just takes on all those cylons a la Rambo is great. Between him and Sam, I'm getting all sorts of fanish excitement - though I'm enjoying the Roslin/Adama angle just as much this time as I did the last, and personally believe it probably started after "Home."

Random thoughts: 1) For a ragtag band of humans who escaped the genocide of their race, they're awfully well-coifed. Well, the women are at least. You'd think shaven legs would be pretty low on their list of priorities, but what do I know? 2) I love the irony and the foreshadowing in BSG - or would if I didn't know the writers didn't have any plan for this series at all beyond sensationalism. 3) Aussie and Brit accents in this season. Love them, even if they're less likely than American ones. 4) Considering that it's the end of the human race, why are the cylons the only ones interested in procreation? None of the humans have expressed interest at this point of starting families, which I find ironic in the extreme. Granted, fighting for their lives is hard work, but that's the sort of thing that (I'm told) leads to ill-advised sexual liasons. Where are the accidental pregancies? 'Cause the supply of birth control has to be pretty small and accidents do - or should - happen. 5) On this note, leaders should lead by example. I'm thinking of Orson Scott Card's The Call of Earth then my personal shipping preferences in this. 6) Cain is a bitch (as are most women in BSG), but I like her. 7) The graphics are pretty, and the music is wonderful. I love *looking* at this series so much. 8) Submitted my McShep Match fic today, and did popkin's bday present. Tomorrow - if I get the time - brings a return to the AJ 'verse. But I've got to go to the Mountain house for my sister's bday until friday night. Yea. Fun. *More* driving and family interaction. 


(and I posted this last night, but accidentally me-locked it, so it's public now. So... D'oh)
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