In Sickness (1/1)

Title: In sickness
Rating: G
Words: 234
Pairing/Charecter(s): John, Rodney; McShe[
Warnings/Spoliers: between "The Seige, part 3" and "The Intruder"
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summary: It's a cold.
Notes: Because popkin16 has a birthday coming up and asked for a McShep fic in which Rodney has a cold. Well, both of them ended up with one in this, but I don't think she'll mind.

In Sickness

A Stargate: Atlantis drabble

"This is not how I planned on spending my vacation."

John snorts - which turns into a sneeze, which in turn becomes a violent coughing fit.

Wordlessly, Rodney passes him the box of Kleenex.

"We've been out of contact with Earth for a year, Rodney."

"Yes, yes, I know. The viruses here have mutated and our immune systems have adapted for Pegasus illnesses. I know. I'm just saying this isn't how I pictured spending the first time off I've had in years." He shivers under his blanket and glares at the half-drunk cups of coffee, balls of used tissues, and open bottles of brightly colored cold and flu medication littering the coffee table in their hotel room. Useless, all of it.

"Oh, I dunno," John drawls, wrapping an arm around Rodney's shoulder and pulling him closer. "It's not so bad."

Rodney's reply is aborted by a hacking cough that threatens to shake the lungs out of his chest.

"That's the spirit," John says before planting a kiss on his temple. "Now what do you say we start in on these DVDs? We've got a whole year of SyFy to catch up on before the Daedalus ships out."

He doesn't bother replying, just allows himself to sink further into John's one-armed embrace.

John snorts - without the coughing fit this time - and grabs the remote.

They're both asleep before the final credits start rolling.

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kind of sweet and a lot the disgusting I felt in my last bout. Best line,

"That's the spirit," John says before planting a kiss on his temple
I grew up with 3 brothers. You're doing this well. "Sweet" doesn't mean the same to men as it means to women. You have their canon voices, and actions. This is all I ask of a story.

(well also a good tale which you are already writing.)
I smiled the entire time I read this - thank you so much for writing it for me ♥ I giggled when John said "That's the spirit," after Rodney started hacking XD And the ending line has given me wonderful images of the two of them curled up on a sofa, slumped against one another, with their heads tilted back, snoring ♥

It's so weird, how endearing John and Rodney are.
I know. They shouldn't be anywhere near as endearing as they actually are - but they are. In fact, I find myself going through a bit of "McShep withdrawl" now that I'm finished with SGA in the rewatch.

I'm so glad you liked it though - the "That's the spirit" line is my fav too. I guess I can do fluff a lot better than I thought. ;)
I find myself going through a bit of "McShep withdrawl" now that I'm finished with SGA in the rewatch.

Boy do I know that feel. It's why I pick a random episode every few days - at the very least, I get to see them and hear their voices *is pathetic* It's really too bad the show didn't last for even one more season. And now I have Adela stuck in my head: "we could have had it all, rolling in the deeeeeep"

You did a great job XD You always make the characters feel very much like themselves.
::grins:: I try.

I know. I normally would be doing the exact same thing, but I'm going crazy with this BSG Rewatch - 23 episodes I'm 2 days. God. It's good, but I miss the boys.
23 episodes in 2 days, jesus. I've never watched that much in so little amount of time. Not even close.
I watched 2 today, but hen had to come up here, so very little has actually been accomplished. Stupid sister. I was going to try to get all four seasons in four days. Le sigh.
I'm terrible at watching tv shows. If I'm not watching with somebody, I tend to take *forever* to get through a season. So even two episodes a day is like "Wooow" to me~